2017 Bridgestone JRG Fairway Review

2017 Bridgestone JGR Fairway

Unique Features:  
The Bridgestone JGR Fairway is designed to improve launch and ball speed with a crown that is thinner in the front. This allows the face to slightly flex at impact, enhancing rebound above the center of the face. Also noticeable is the milling pattern on the face. Bridgestone designers wanted to reduce the amount the ball slides up the face, thus reducing spin. A new vertical milling pattern is used on the heel and toe areas to help mis-hits. The milling lines are also closer together and rougher at the bottom of the face to help those shots hit low that tend to produce more spin. F.A.S.T Crown design paired with speeDARC Technology provides an incredibly stable base for maximum crown flexibility, leading to Bridgestone’s fastest and highest launching fairway woods ever.

Tester Comments:  
Shots seem to fly as long on mis-hits as on center strikes. A very-all purpose fairway, good from any lie … Very responsive and solid feeling … Looked FANTASTIC. Perfect profile for my eye. Just loved it

“A new vertical milling pattern is used on the heel and toe areas to help mis-hits.”


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