2017 Cobra King F7 Driver Review


Unique Features: 
Enhanced playability is the name of the game,as a larger overall footprint provides increased forgiveness, and better overall performance. When compared to its F7+ stablemate, in addition to its larger profile, the F7 will also produce slightly more spin and a higher ball flight, as well as a natural draw bias. The F7 utilizes three moveable weights that can be positioned in different ports to create three distinct center of gravity placements depending upon an individual player’s needs. Also of note is a lightweight carbon fiber crown that allows weight to be positioned lower and deeper in the clubhead to create higher launch, lower spin, and maximum forgiveness, while a new variable thickness clubface produces higher ball speeds and maintains that speed on miss-hits.

Tester Comments:  
This drivers strong point is excellent forgiveness across the entire face … I compared this club to several others on a launch monitor and nothing else came close. This club is strong, easy to hit, and the adjustability is great … I am a huge fan of the muted crack that Cobra “multi material” drivers make.

“ A lightweight carbon fiber crown allows weight to be positioned lower and deeper in the clubhead to create higher launch”

Street Price = $349

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