2017 Tour Edge Exotics EX10 Fairway

2017 Tour Edge Exotics EX10 Fairway

Unique Features: 
The EX10 fairway wood’s design is highlighted by a new Japanese-made high-density steel cup face. HT 980 steel allowed engineers to make the clubface thinner than in any previous metal woods for “staggering” COR (coefficient of restitution) over the face. Combo-brazed to the hyper steel body, the EX10 cup face delivers unprecedented power. There are substantial changes to the SlipStream sole, with the channels between the rails shallower and more compact overall to ensure minimal turf interaction and maximum club speed through impact. A redesigned sole adds speed channels to further enhance the aerodynamics of the clubhead. An increased heel weight and the aerodynamic design adds up to faster speed, higher moment of inertoa, less spin and more distance. A more tapered profile reduces aerodynamic drag, generating faster club speed.

Tester Comments:  
Shots launch easily from any lie with a nice high ball flight … Exotics are known for great distance and he EX10 does not disappoint … Very easy to hit and great carry distance … Nice feel at impact with a little harder feel.

“A redesigned sole adds speed channels to further enhance the aerodynamics of the clubhead.”

Street Price = $249

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