2017 Wilson D300 Driver Review

2017 Wilson Staff D300 Driver

Unique Features:
The Wilson Staff D300 has been designed with an aerodynamic clubhead shape that helps to reduce drag through impact with the golf ball, resulting in greater clubhead speed and distance, while the company’s Right Light Technology employs an interchangeable weight to further enhance swing speed for enhanced distance off the tee. The company’s Fast Fit Technology allows the loft of the driver to be adjusted without fully detaching the clubhead, making personalized performance more convenient and quicker. Micro Vortex Generators on the crown of the more aerodynamic head of the D300 reduce drag and help produce greater distance.

Tester Comments:
Nice large sweet spot minimizes mis-hits and has consistent distance … Overall a very straight tee shot with nice roll out on landing …  A lighter feeling club that is easy to swing …  Easy to adjust … Bumps on top are supposed to help aerodynamics, I hit it straight and farther than I expected, so I guess they do.

“An aerodynamic clubhead shape that helps to reduce drag through impact”

Street Price = $349

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