2017 Wilson Triton Driver Review

2017 Wilson Staff DVD Triton Driver

Unique Features:
A revolutionary crown feature on the Wilson Triton driver makes set-up to the ball on the tee box consistent, easy and intuitive. A 1:1 alignment aid, visible both pre-shot and at impact, improves ball striking for better accuracy, distance and consistency. The driver features interchangeable sole plates, one made of titanium and the other made of carbon fiber that are included for significant launch and spin changes for overall better performance for a variety of players. The driver also has a 22-gram titanium sole plate that is optimized for the majority of players who need mid- to high-launch characteristics along with a low spin rate of the golf ball, while a 9-gram carbon fiber sole plate is designed to help players who are looking for lower launch and spin rates.

Tester Comments:  
The head as a whole is a clean in terms of its shape, depth, and angles … The Triton is breaking the mold of adjustability and the head has two totally different looks when switching from Titanium to Carbon Fiber … versatile head, thanks to the different moving and interchangeable parts … This club is a tinkers dream … More forgiving than expected and a mid-launcher on ball flight.

“The driver features interchangeable sole plates”

Street Price = $449


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