2017 Bridgestone B330 RX/B330 RXS Golf Ball Review

2017 Bridgestone B330RX/B330RXS

Unique Features:

The driving force behind the RXS from a technological standpoint is the new AMATOUR core, which is 28 percent softer than the core of the average Tour ball. The softer core, along with a steeper gradient in softness from the inner part of the core to its outer region, creates faster ball speeds and reduces spin rates off the driver. Another advancement in the B330RXS is its new SlipRes cover, which improves spin around the green and from the rough, while also reducing spin off the driver. The SlipRes coating is softer than what is used on the RX version, enhancing feel and creating increased spin on shots played from around the green. A new dual dimple pattern helps the RXS create higher launch conditions and more rollout with the driver because of a more shallow angle of descent.



Short Game
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