2017 Callaway Chrome Soft / Soft X Golf Ball Review

2017 Callaway Chrome Soft/SoftX Golf Ball

Unique Features: 

Engineered to blend distance with control, this 4-piece golf ball features a low-compression (75), dual SoftFast Core™ for low spin off the tee and enhanced ball compression on iron shots. HEX Surface Geometry outfits Callaway® Chrome Soft Golf Balls for incredibly stable ball flight. Chrome Soft X ball is designed to compliment the four-piece Chrome Soft while providing more spin off the tee and from the fairway.

The Chrome Soft X is a four-piece, 90-compression ball made with an inner core, an outer core, a mantle layer and a urethane cover with hexagonal dimples. Chrome Soft X will have a firmer feel, more spin through the middle part of the bag for workability and a more piercing trajectory.



Short Game
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