2017 Cobra King Pur Wedge

2017 Cobra King Pur Wedge
2017 Cobra King Pur Wedge

Unique Features:  

The King PUR wedges were designed to give players the spin they need to better control their golf ball around the green and on full shots from 125 yards and in. To accomplish that goal Cobra used a raw stainless steel finish as opposed to using chrome plating, which allows for larger grooves and maximum spin. Additionally, the clubface and grooves are CNC milled for improved consistency, and progressive spin technology delivers optimal spin based on loft. PUR wedges are also available in three unique grinds to accommodate all swing shapes, as well as varying turf and sand conditions. The wedges are available in lofts ranging from 50-60 degrees.

Tester Comments:  

Average forgiveness on all shots … Repeatable trajectory with medium spin … One of easiest from the bunkers, bounce allows it to slide through the sand. … Very consistent results from all lies and distances.

“Consistency is the best way to describe the Cobra King PUR”



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