2017 Drivers

2017 Drivers

Adjustability, versatility and playability. Those three words sum up today’s high tech drivers.

The term “personalization” has become a buzzword in the driver marketplace. Virtually all companies are featuring innovative technology that offers players the ability to change the loft, lie and face angle on their drivers. This is achieved through the use of adjustable hosels and sliding moveable weights on the sole that create the type of shot shape and trajectory each unique swing demands.

Clubface design and the use of multiple materials in driver heads conspire to produce hot faces, optimal ball speeds and less ball spin for increased carry, which enhances distance off the tee. When paired with equally innovative shafts, drivers create an ideal moment of inertia, i.e., a stable swing when clubface meets golf ball.

Today’s drivers are all about making it easier for you to be your own clubfitter, and that should not be taken lightly or worse yet, ignored.

Okay, so let’s check out these hot new drivers and find a stick that fits your swing.

2017 Bridgestone JGR Driver
2017 Cobra King F7 Driver
2017 Cobra King LTD Black Driver

2017 Ping G Driver
2017 Ping G SF Tec Driver
2017 Ping LS Tec Driver Review
2017 Wilson Staff D300 Driver
2017 Wilson Staff DVD Triton Driver
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