GOLFTEC in East Brunswick, N.J. and Lake Grove, N.Y. Continues on Its Impressive Pattern of Growth


GOLFTEC has seen explosive growth within the past several years with numerous locations opened worldwide during that time, including one of the company’s newest centers in East Brunswick, N.J. and Lake Grove, N.Y.

In 2017, GOLFTEC announced a total brand refresh that included the unveiling of a vibrant new in-center design scheme, updated logo, enhanced club-fitting program and advanced in-bay teaching technology.

“Business continues to be very strong, said John Spagnola, a Regional Marketing Manager for the company. “We opened roughly 30 new centers domestically in the first half of 2017, as well as expanding internationally in markets such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and Korea.”

GOLFTEC was founded in 1995 in Denver, Co. by Joe Assell, the company’s CEO. His mission in 1995 was simple, as it remains today; to help people play better golf. Mr. Assell saw an opportunity to leverage technology and well-trained Certified Personal Coaches to produce more fact-based instruction. Among the factors weighing into Ansell’s decision to launch GOLFTEC was a growing interest in golf and instruction with no coherent, repeatable path or process for player improvement, particularly at the avid amateur level; An under-utilized base of passionate PGA instructors who were limited by seasonal, outdoor employment opportunities that created hidden capacity; A lack of business vision and organizational structure to connect the first two factors to generate on-course results for golfers; And career viability for PGA professionals, and worthwhile returns for investors.

Swing Test

“At GOLFTEC we take a completely fact-based approach to golfer improvement,” said Spagnola. “Our instructional program mixes leading-edge technology with the most well trained instructors in the world, the majority of which are PGA Professionals. We only utilize practices that are proven to help our students play better golf.”

Spagnola reported that GOLFTEC recently brought in Mike Helfrich to head the company’s new club fitting program. Under Helfrich’s “watchful eye,” GOLFTEC is quickly becoming the leading provider of high-end club fittings in the world. The company’s highly innovative TECFITcustom club-fitting program now offers an extensive array of component club head/shaft combinations in addition to new technology and software that combines swing characteristics with ball flight data to help properly identify the optimal equipment for each student.

“Many of our facilities have a completely changed aesthetic that is designed to create a dynamic and holistic golf experience through an inviting and inspiring atmosphere,” said Spagnola. “All new locations are tailored for total golf immersion and provide students with new amenities, game improvement products and services, an extensive digital experience and comfortable furniture in common areas. Over the next year these changes will be implemented across our network of locations.”

The vast majority of GOLFTEC’s new business comes via referrals. Said Spagnola, “We’re very proud of that fact that 96 percent of GOLFTEC students experience improvement after only a few lessons. In fact, on average GOLFTEC students drop seven strokes from their game after starting a program with our highly regarded coaches.”

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