LeaderBoard of Boston’s Air Cannon Can be a Blast at Tournaments

Leaderboard of Boston Air Canon
Leaderboard of Boston Air Canon

Want to spice up your golf outing or tournament in a new, very cool way? Well, you have to check out LeaderBoard of Boston’s Air Cannon, a new addition to the company’s range of sponsorship opportunities first introduced 3 years ago.

The cannon operates on compressed air and is loaded from a conventional scuba tank. The basics are very simple. It’s set up on a short par-four where the carry to the green is about 300 yards. Typically, players are charged $10 per shot. (Some higher end events charge more and the pricing is totally up to the event’s organizers. It’s promoted as a “closest to the pin” contest, and offers organizers an excellent sponsorship opportunity, says the company.

2017 Leaderboard of Boston Air Canon
2017 Leaderboard of Boston Air Canon

The company stations one staff member at the tee and a second at the green, communicating with walkie-talkies. In a scramble format all players take their second shot from the best drive. If all players in a group opt in they get to place the ball on the green to attempt a 15-foot putt for eagle even if none of them hit the green.  This year the company reports well over 100% participation with many players taking multiple shots.

And get this; the player with the actual closest to the pin shot from the full event wins a certificate good for seven nights accommodations for two people to a choice of over 3,000 locations in the RCI vacation network based on availability. A second certificate at a raffle can be offered for a nominal sum. The certificate is for accommodations only and does not include airfare.

The cost is $350 for staffing and the first vacation certificate. For events with at least 80 players, the company will split the total on-course proceeds from the day on a 50/50 basis. For example, if 100 players opt-in at the standard $10 per shot, it generates $1,000. The company will award a grand prize certificate to the winner with the actual closest to the pin shot and the charity of the event/tournament’s choice receives $500 cash for the day. For smaller events, the company offers a flat rate option.

In addition to these services, LeaderBoard of Boston offers a variety of other options and formats. Some of the extras it can add to an event include: live scoring of all formats, The SuperTicket bundling of goods and services, full AV production and HD video with aerial drone footage.

Each of these services is a potential profit generator for your event. The company will match sponsors with a particular sponsorship opportunity to make for a winning event–both in money raised and memories made.

Visit www.LeaderBoardBoston.com