2017 TourZ KickX Golf Ball
2017 TourZ KickX Golf Ball

New Ball with “Tour Soft Feel” and Superior Distance Edges Top Brands on the Market

In an independent comparison conducted at the highly respected Golf Laboratories, Inc. testing site in San Diego, the new Kick X Golf by Medicus TourZ golf ball proved it is the longest premium model now on the market.  Matched against the Srixon Z Star, the Callaway SR3 and Titleist’s ProV1, ProV1x and NXT TourS, the Kick X Golf by Medicus TourZ traveled up to four yards longer in a set of controlled drives from a robotic hitting machine.

The TourZ features a Metal Fuzion Core™ that creates an exceptionally high coefficient of restitution, which is the “spring effect” found in premium golf balls.  Thanks to a fusion of three proprietary metals that concentrates mass in the center of its core, the ball rebounds more quickly when compressed at impact of a clubface, producing additional launch speed and distance. An aerodynamic cover with a 318-dimple pattern provides unmatched accuracy on tee shots, exceptional spin control on approaches and triple-layered construction is engineered to deliver a soft, Tour-like feel around the green.

The Kick X TourZ is part of a new line of performance golf clubs and products created by Medicus Golf, which for more than 20 years has the leading developer of golf swing training products, including its best-selling hinged club.  The new brand represents more than three years of exhaustive research, development and testing.

“We believe that our training aids, clubs and balls make it easier for people to play golf, play it better faster, and ultimately get the maximum enjoyment out of the game,” said Medicus Founder Bob Koch.  “It’s very rewarding to see the TourZ ball stand out in the distance challenge.”

Established in 1989, Golf Laboratories has developed leading standards for testing clubs, shafts and golf balls. It provides complete and often confidential tests that inform research and development projects within the industry.  For this particular ball test, the computer controlled robotic hitting machine was programmed to launch drives with a 110-mph swing speed.

While a Trackman analysis system measure spin rates, launch angles and speed, 10 balls from each model were hit and then measured on Golf Laboratories’ grass range.

“With exactly the same swing, the TourZ had longer distance than all of the others,” said Koch.  “We chose several popular and high quality golf balls for the comparison.  As a result, we’re now even more convinced that the TourZ is one of the game’s leading premium balls.”

Kick X Golf by Medicus also offers four models of Zball putters, with lines that match those on the TourZ balls, for pure alignment during putting. The Kick X TourZ balls retail for $59.95 per dozen.

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