The Fairway Bunker Shot by Jay Morelli


The fairway bunkers are those bunkers on the side of the fairway, leaving you a long way from the green. The first consideration is selecting a smart shot. If you can’t reach the green play this shot to a level spot in the fairway so the next shot is an easy one. For instance, let’s say you have 220 yards to the green. You know you can’t reach the green. Divide 220 by 2 strokes, and that leaves you with 2 110yard shots. That’s pretty easy. If you can’t reach the green any way it’s not smart to play too aggressive a shot.

The next consideration is the front edge of the bunker. You should choose a club with plenty of loft to carry the front edge of the bunker. If you think the 7 iron might just make it take the 8 or 9 iron. Knowing you don’t have to hit the ball perfectly will give you confidence and you’ll make a better swing.

The third piece is the stroke itself. We are trying to hit the ball cleanly-taking as little sand as possible. To hit the ball cleanly: 1. shorten up on the handle,2. play the ball about an inch further back in you stance, and 3. (for the advanced players)-try to hit the ball lower on the clubface.

The basic idea is to get the ball back in play and not try the “miracle shot” of hitting a 3 wood out of a fairway bunker. There is a reason they call it a miracle shot.