Champions Train by George Connor


As the end of another golf season here in New England is in the near future, it is a good time to reflect on how you played, what goals you achieved and what areas of the game still need work.  Sadly, many golfers get to this time of the season and are shooting the same scores as they always have, making the same mistakes and suffering the same frustrations.  Why this cycle continues for so many is the attitude they take to the game and the quality of time they spend working to improve their skills and scores.

One of my favorite sayings is “Champions Train, Losers Complain.”  Having the honor of being around elite golfers, there is certainly a distinct difference between the attitudes of successful golfers and those that are not.  The struggling golfer has a choice.  Do you dig down, work hard and strive to always be improving?  Or do you complain about course conditions, decide that practice is a waste of time and whine that you never get good bounces and the Golf Gods are determined to make your day on the course miserable?

When I talk with successful golfers I never hear complaints.  I hear phrases like “I am getting better at …..”  “Once I get better at…..I will shoot even lower scores” “The greens are slow so I can be more aggressive” “I play great in bad weather”  Then I will talk with the negative golfers who always have complaints and excuses “I can’t score because I am terrible with the driver” “I’ve never been a good putter” “The weather is awful, I can’t play in the rain” “I hate slow greens, I never play well on them”

With a few months left in the season you have a chance to make great strides.  Great strides can be made in building skills that will last a lifetime.  Take a few lessons and make sure that the professional gives you drills and practice routines that will make your practice time productive.  Then set aside a consistent amount of time each week to practice and get after it.  Great strides can be made in the attitude that you bring to the golf course, the practice area and the gym!  Start today.  Examine each facet of your game; Mental Approach, Tee Shots, Approach Shots, Short Game, Golf Fitness, Putting and Course Management.  Give yourself a grade in each area.  Then take the 2 or 3 worst grades and dig deeper to discover what needs to change in order to improve.  Keep in mind always that your mental approach to the improvement process is at the end of the day the most critical piece.  You and only you are in control of the attitude you bring.  Stay with the bad attitude and neglecting your skills and you will regret it.  Stop complaining, Start Working.  You will be glad you did when your skills improve and your scores drop.

Champions Train, Losers Complain
The Choice is Yours


George Connor is the Head Golf Instructor at Farmington Woods Country Club in Avon, CT. 860-830-6969 or