ShipSticks: A Great Idea Blossoms Into a Growing Company


Nick Coleman said he and his friends were no different than most golfers when it came to shipping their clubs when travelling considerable distances. Except they had an idea that would shake up the industry.

“We had been kicking the idea around for a while that there has to be a more cost efficient solution as going direct to the logistics providers is an expensive proposition, commented the Chief Executive Officer for ShipSticks. “We figured if we could add a white glove service element to the experience, simplify the process, and bring down the cost we would have the beginnings of an idea. Simultaneously, Groupon launched and the concept of leveraging the buying power of the masses to offer discounted services was a thesis that resonated with me. Essentially, a volume aggregation model augmented with a white glove touch.”

Coleman said his company has been experiencing “massive growth year over year” requiring he and his team to keep up with the ever changing needs of its customers. “Our customers have really dictated the level and type of service that we now provide. It was soliciting their feedback, listening, absorbing and then implementing it to better our service.”

Now, with around 50 employees, ShipSticks has added “a tremendous amount” of internal tracking measures and enhancements that allows the company to be pro-active, not reactive in certain situations. “We have added new resort partnerships with Pinehurst and Troon and anticipate adding a few more. We are looking to release some new value added features in quarters three and four that will make the process even easier.”

Why should individuals turn to ShipSticks to handle their valuable clubs when traveling? Well, as Coleman put it, “Besides the fact that we are the low cost provider, we are the most experienced and ship 100,000’s of bags annually. We have better access to the logistic hubs and centers throughout the country and we can effectuate delivery rates better than anyone else can. We have deep extensive knowledge and relationships, which allows us to do things that no one else can. We are experts in shipping golf clubs and luggage.”

ShipSticks continues to experience significant growth, staying ahead of the curve, said Coleman, with regards to technology and deployments, while enhancing the underlying application.

“We have built a brand around a service which has allowed for retention and customer loyalty. One of many factors that has led to our success is putting the customer first; without the customers we do not have a business. Secondly, with hyper focus on particular initiatives and our ability to execute swiftly and decisively has allowed for our growth and our success.”

Opening up international shipping and the ability to ship luggage as well has fueled the company’s growth, as has selective marketing. “We have actually had to dial back our marketing spends as we scale infrastructure to meet demands and maintain the requisite level of service. The biggest key to growing our business is making our existing customers experience the best it can be so that in turn they keep coming back.”

Coleman said ShipSticks has a “long road map” for growth and initiatives inside of golf, but we also look to “roll out new verticals” in the near future. “We launched ShipSkis last year and we will look to roll out a luggage vertical and a few others in the near future. We believe that the company will continue to experience these consistent growth rates as we add value added features, simplify the process, and enhance the overall experience while building customer loyalty. ”