Thinking Outside the Box by Todd Daignault


Golfers tend to fall in routines very easily. Especially if you belong to a club or find yourself playing the same track over and over again.  At some point in the season you will find yourself bored with the game which will lead to bad rounds and bad habits.

Why not try a round or two with no driver?  A great way to bring some excitement back to a round of golf is to take the driver out of the bag.  Not only can this possibly save you a few strokes, but it will make a tired old track into a new course with brand new challenges.  You will see the course from new angles and have new challenges to overcome.

Having trouble on the greens?  Most of us go through a time when it seems no matter how hard you try, putting just doesn’t click.  A great way to get over this hump is to put two putters in the bag.  Most of us have a few putters laying around, collecting dust.  Try putting two very different flat sticks in the bag.  This will allow you to flow back and forth between the two finding one putter works better for long putts and one for short putts.  At the very worst, you will find one that just can’t get the job done and you can stay with the hot putter until it lets you down as well.

How about the need to work on your shot making.  Why not play a few rounds with half a bag of clubs.  Taking out every other club in your bag will make you control your tee shots better to set up your approach shots with yardages you have in the bag or if you find yourself in between clubs, you will have to make it work with what you brought.

Finally, everyone has a shot in their round that they are just not comfortable with.  It could be a tee shot, approach shot, or a situational shot that just scares the confidence out of you.  Talk to your fitting pro to develop a trouble club for that shot.  Knowing that you have an emergency plan for the shots that can ruin your round will make then less scary and give you better results.  It might be a club that you use just for one shot at one course, but the joy you get from conquering that shot will overcome the cost of making that club. Fourteen clubs is  the limit but they don’t tell you what fourteen clubs to put in the bag.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with different concepts to make the game easier and more fun for you.

Todd Daignault is the owner and club fitter at Prove It Golf. He can be reached at
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