GOLFSTR + 6 Swing Trainers in 1 Training Aid


6 Swing Trainers in 1 Training Aid

Correct your swing flaws and see your scores drop.  Users have dropped up to 20 strokes in 2 days. GOLFSTR+ (pronounced “Golf-Stir Plus”) is designed to help you correct EVERY SWING IN YOUR GAME.   Videos on our website shows you the assembly and use for all 6 swing fixes.  Practice with a straight leading arm swing for more consistent hits.  Flat Wrist for straight Putting, clean Chips and correct Backswing.  Limited lag to avoid fat Chip s.  Lag Trainer for more distance.  One Size Fits All
$29.99 (S&H included)Order Now: or call or  call 905-464-8718

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