2018 Kick-Butt Irons


From someone who has trouble breaking 110 to the Tour pro, the irons of 2018 can help every player get the ball into the air, on the proper trajectory, and headed toward the intended target with greater ease.

The first thing you must consider when shopping for a set of irons is budget. As we know, iron sets can be expensive, although they come in a range of prices. It is possible to find quality clubs at a price that won’t break the bank.

Consider, and honestly now, the quality of your play in general. We advise looking at clubs that fit your skill level, and there are three types to choose from.

Experienced golfers with low handicaps will get the best results from players’ irons. Forged irons, especially, provide that pristine, solid feel accomplished golfers desire. Even these sticks have been tweaked to aid in getting the ball into the proper launch trajectory on a more consistent basis. Through the use of various metals, notably tungsten, these clubs offer a lower center of gravity to get the ball into flight and onto the putting surface.

If you have some skill but are still working on your swing, game improvement irons could be best for you. These are also irons made for distance, and they provide some degree of forgiveness on miss hits. Game improvement irons have some sort of cavity back design and larger sweet spots on the clubface for additional forgiveness on even slightly miss hit shots.

If you are a beginner have trouble hitting the ball where you want, i.e. toward the green, super game improvement irons will help you improve your game. These sets often involve at least a couple of hybrids that take the place of long irons that higher shooters might just as well not even bother and try and hit. The irons in these sets are thicker than those created for better and even mid-handicap players, and are equipped with lightweight, graphite shafts that allow the user to generate faster swing speeds for more distance.

The amount of flex in the shaft of irons will also vary. Irons will generally have flex ratings of “regular”, “stiff” and “extra stiff”. If your swing is typically fast you will probably perform best with a stiff or extra stiff iron, while slower swings have better control over their shots with a more flexible shaft. If the flex of the shaft does not match the speed of your swing it will be almost impossible to control the direction of the ball.

Let’s take a look at 2018 irons that allow you to make better contact with the golf ball, no matter what you are writing down on your scorecard.

Players Irons

2018 Callaway X Forged Iron
2018 Ping iBlade Iron
2018 Srixon Z765 Iron
2018 TaylorMade M3 Iron
2018 Tour Edge Exotics CBX Forged Irons
2018 Wilson C300 Forged Iron

Game Improvement Irons

2018 Callaway Rogue Iron
2018 Cleveland Launcher CBX Iron
2018 Cobra King F8 Iron
2018 Ping G400 iron
2018 Ping G700 Iron
2018 TaylorMade M4 Iron
2018 Srixon Z565 Iron
2018 Wilson Staff C300 Iron

Super Game Improvement Irons

2018 Callaway Big Bertha Oversize Iron
2018 Cleveland Launcher HB-Iron
2018 Cobra F-Max Iron
2018 Taylormade M CGB Iron
2018 Tour Edge Hot Launch 3 Combo Iron
2018 Wilson D350 Iron
2018 Wilson D300 Iron
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