Tour Edge Is On The Rise

2018 Tour Edge Exotics CBX Fairway

Custom Fitting and a New Staff of Tour Players Are Leading Company Into Future

What do you think of when you hear the name Tour Edge?

For many of the cult followers of the 32-year-old US owned and operated company, the words that come to mind would be: top notch performance, underrated quality and outstanding customer service.

For some, the word Exotics comes to mind with visions of tour players gaming the epically long 3 woods.

Others will conjure up the word Bazooka, the long standing sub-brand that introduced the Iron-Wood to the golfing world. Some might recollect that the majority of their clubs are built in the USA near their Chicago-land headquarters.

The real answer is that Tour Edge is all of the above and much, much more. They’ve become a Top 10 manufacturer in every category of clubs and they produce golf clubs for every player type possible, from the complete beginner in juniors and women to the best tour player on the planet.

In fact, would you believe me if I told you that Tour Edge has collected the below tour accolades in the last decade?

• 10 PGA TOUR Victories
• 14 victories on PGA TOUR, Euro PGA and PGA Champions Tour
• 5 PGA TOUR Runner-Up Finishes, 3 PGA Tour Champions Runner-Up Finishes
• Over 50 Top 10 Finishes on PGA TOUR, 14 Top 10 finishes on PGA Tour Champions
• Over 100 Top 25 Finishes on PGA TOUR, 24 Top 10 finishes on PGA Tour Champions
• In play by a World #1 Player (1st on both PGA TOUR and Euro PGA rankings)
• In play by a PGA TOUR Championship winner/ $10 million FedEx Cup Champion
• The fastest growing metalwoods on the 2018 Champions Tour with Exotics CBX

It’s hard to believe a company could collect so much ammo on the professional tours while flying so far under the radar. That is all about the change thanks to their focus on the PGA TOUR Champions Tour this year and their commitment to an affordable custom fitting program designed to introduce fitting to thousands of golfers.

Tour Edge hasn’t paid any of the tour players to use their equipment in the past. These players were playing Tour Edge and Exotics because it tested as the best performance enhancing product for their game. That limited what Tour Edge could do to spread the word on all of their tour successes.

This year, Tour Edge is on fire on tour with their Exotics line climbing the professional club count rankings with their new Exotics CBX line of fairway woods, hybrids and ironwoods.

Tour Edge has recently signed some of the best players in the world to represent their Exotics CBX hybrid staff. Professionals like Scott McCarron, Rocco Mediate, Duffy Waldorf, Tom Lehman,  Bart Bryant, Fred Funk, are all on board with Tour Edge this year.

Scott McCarron
Tour Edge Exotics hybrid staff player

This has helped the Exotics CBX line become the fastest growing metalwood on the PGA Tour Champions. The Exotics CBX hybrid is already ranking as the #2 hybrid model on the PGA Tour Champions and these spin killing metalwoods have already been in the bag for a victory and three runner-up finishes after only six events on this year.

Twenty-four different players have put Exotics CBX into play since Tour Edge launched CBX last year at end of season. These players, who account for 133 PGA TOUR wins, have put Exotics CBX metalwoods in play on the PGA Tour Champions in 2018. The majority of these players are not on staff with Tour Edge, they are choosing to play Exotics on their own accord.

After six events on the 2018 PGA Tour Champions season, Exotics CBX metalwoods have been in play for one win, three runner-up finishes, seven Top 5 and 14 Top 10 finishes. Tour Edge is keeping count of these tour statistics on a scoreboard on

Tour Edge continues to get players on the PGA TOUR to put their clubs in play by choice due to performance characteristics.  Two Exotics CBX hybrids were recently put into play at The Masters.

Hot Launch 3 and 48-Hour Custom Fitting Delivery

The company’s new HL3 line of clubs (driver to wedge) has taken a major step forward in terms of technology, performance and looks  and its mid-tier price point has it testing as the top pound for pound technology and performance set in all of golf.

It’s also the only set in golf to provide nationwide custom fitting with a 48-hour guaranteed delivery for custom fit orders.

2018 Tour Edge HL3 Driver

Hot Launch 3 by Tour Edge was designed and launched specifically to take advantage of the emerging custom fitting growth segment. Custom fitting is currently experiencing massive industry wide growth. Tour Edge is utilizing Golf Channel ad campaigns and other mediums to introduce the HL3 line and to market the message that every golfer can now afford get custom fit ino top-of-the-line technology. Get Fit, Spend Less, Play Better  is the tagline they are utilizing to send this message. The last time Tour Edge had a TV ad was with Rodney Dangerfield some 15 years ago and it is certain that Tour Edge believes it is time that they got some respect with their high-performing golf clubs.

“We feel it’s very important to bring new golfers into the custom fitting side of the industry,” said Tour Edge founder and President David Glod. “We are going after the ownership of an open niche – the value price point niche of club fitting, so while everyone is following pricing for custom upwards in this category; we are providing value, performance and technology within the custom fit experience. No one else is doing that.”

Market research supports an emerging trend to customization within the equipment market and that the value segment of this market has been largely un-serviced. 65% of the game’s five million core golfers have been custom fit, according to Golf Datatech. So what about the other 20 million golfers out there who haven’t been custom fit?

The average price for a custom fit driver in 2015 was $341. The HL3 driver retail price is $189 and comes with 48-hour delivery anywhere in the continental USA.

The average price spent on custom fit irons in 2015 was $772.The HL3 triple combo set retails for $599 and offers two HL3 hybrids, two HL3 Iron-woods and three traditional HL3 irons in the set.

These is unheard of value in the golf industry, especially for products that has all the technology the larger companies are offering and performance that is equal to or better than clubs that cost two to three times as much.

Tour Edge is trying to grow custom fitting by encouraging the consumer to go get fit at one of the over 600 locations that has an HL3 fit bag and get sent their order to that same location with Tour Edge’s unprecedented 48-hour guaranteed delivery. To find a fitting center near you, visit the dealer locater on

Tour Edge is currently experiencing their best start in their 32 year history.  A combination of increased investment in television advertising and player endorsement is clearly paying dividends. The company has also clearly hit a sweet spot with its current product line and all signs are pointing to a very bright future for this company on the rise.

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