What Can You Do To Hit Your Driver Farther? by Allison Davey


You can learn to speed up your golf swing. The faster your golf club is moving as it hits the golf ball, the more potential you have of hitting the golf ball farther. We hear a lot about swinging fast and smash factor these days, but if I am not hitting the sweet spot it truly won’t matter.

The closer the golf ball makes contact with the center of the club face – the farther the golf ball will travel.  Actually, increased club head speed without control over your club head usually creates worse golf shots.  The real secret to hitting the ball farther is first worrying about your ball striking, and swing tempo. If you can focus on hitting the ball closer to the sweet spot, and do it with a controlled swing, this will lead to more distance.

Here are a couple of easy changes that everyone can make:


A forward ball position naturally makes my body fall into a power setup. That means your head is well behind the ball with the shaft leaning back and your right shoulder low. Keeping equal weight on both feet.

*Stay wide

You will want to be wide in your stance.  Hopefully,  your torso feels loose, relaxed and prepared to hit the ball with an upward strike

Improve Your Tempo

A better tempo can actually lead to significant power and distance.  When you swing with a great rhythm, you will be able to hit the sweet spot of your driver on a more-consistent basis.

To work on your tempo, spend some time on the driving range working on half swings with your driver.  Make some half swings while trying to still contact the ball on the sweet spot.  Then, gradually work your way up to a full swing while maintaining the tempo that you used on your shorter swings.  As long as you don’t get out of your rhythm as the swings get longer, you should be bombing some drives that are both powerful and reliable.


Allison Davey, LPGA, 
Willow Brook Golf Course, S. Windsor, CT.
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