The Pause in Golf


As we know the golf swing has two parts.  A back swing and a down swing.  Many golfers rush this process in the swing which causes a lot of disconnect between the body and the arms in the swing.

When the player rushes the down swing he/she does not give their back swing time to finish and the hands are then ahead of the body at impact. The body then will react with either pulling up, creating a miss shot or the hands will flip at the impact zone creating a behind hit or a more lofted shot than we want at impact.

Teaching players to have a slight pause at the top of their back swing allows the hands to stay connected to the body while the player starts their down swing into the ball. With the slight pause we create a good tempo and swing speed that we learn to control.  Also it helps the player stay on their swing plane better which will cause a better shot type that he or she is looking for.  But the most important thing in the slight pause at the top of the back swing is it allows our body to switch its rotation form back to now downward or forward into the ball.  It gives us a more down and though swing motion.

So with a lot of my students I get them to pause and slow there swing down to great more of a connection with body and hands in the swing, creating more power and straighter shots.

Even though the power and direction come from our hips and shoulders and rotation with our body.  What actually hits the ball is our hands.  No matter how hard we thinking about it the hands are the only part of our body that is connect to the golf club.  So that’s what actually will hit the ball.  We are trying to get them in sync with the body to create a good strike on the ball and control our direction. Pausing and making the swings a little separate from one another cause us to have better connection with body and the hands at impact.