Odyssey Red Ball Putter

Odyssey Red Ball Putter



The Odyssey Red Ball Putters were designed specifically to address and improve on two things: proper set up and proper alignment. Having the right set up and alignment is crucial for any player, and this new design is all about getting you properly positioned over the ball.  A distinct Red Ball inside the scope of the putter makes it easy to align the face to the intended start line on every putt. Combined with the black and white framing from a Versa high contrast alignment aid, the mallet removes variables in your set up.

Tester Comments:  

This is one of the simplest and I would have to say fun to use alignment systems I have used. If you get your posture right and your eyes over the ball then the red ball will appear perfectly in the center of the scope … The Red Ball putter did feel very good at impact with a well balanced design.

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