Rolling the Ball the Proper Distance


We as golfers know the importance of rolling the ball the proper distance on the putting green.  Roll the ball at the proper speed and your chances of making those makeable par putts goes up.  Roll it the right distance and you can start to eliminate those three-putt greens.  This is why I always tell my students that they should be practicing and developing speed control on the putting green whenever you have a chance.  If you want to get better, if you want to shoot lower scores; find time, make time to develop great speed control.

Spatial awareness is a big factor when it comes to distance control.  A trait I see poor distance control putters do too often is a lack of engagement with the target.  Sure, they look at the hole a few times while they are getting ready but then their eyes will become fixated on the ball for an extended period of directly before they make the stroke.  The more time you spend staring at the ball the more hazy your perception of the target becomes.

When you take that last look at the hole and your eyes come back to the ball you have a very short window of time for the stroke to start before you stop having an accurate perception of where the target is.  For this reason I want you to try this; after you have taken your last look at the target and have returned to the ball, start the stroke immediately.  You will still have a good understanding of where the target is and your distance awareness and control will improve as a result.

We are very good at throwing things.  You think nothing of throwing a piece of crumpled paper into a wastebasket.  You throw your socks into the laundry basket with barely a thought.  In these and many other similar cases you are looking at your target.  While I wouldn’t recommend putting in competition while looking at the hole (the odds of a less than solid hit goes up) I want you to use your eyes to help.

So get out on the practice putting green whenever you can.  Work on this eye routine and make it a habit.  I guarantee you will become a much better distance putter.