Using Ball Position in Chipping By Chris Polidoro


Many amateur golfers struggle with controlling their chip shots. They are hitting the shot too hard, not hard enough, too lofted or they want it to roll out. There are many situations in the game of golf when we need to change ball flight in order to make the ball react on the green to get the shot type we need.

Amateur golfers make two common mistakes with their chip shots. They play the ball position at the back of their stance in all situations and they try to manipulate the face angle of the golf club to get the shot that they are looking for. For example, they try to open or close the face of the golf club to make the ball do what they want.

A better way for a player to control a chip shots is using ball position. With a chip shot a player will place the ball slightly to the back of their stance to create a lower ball flight, in order to create more roll. Likewise, we can get a higher shot by placing the ball more forward in your stance.

The three different ball positions are back, middle and front. Using these three types of ball positions, players can judge the distance and height on all golf shots. As an amateur golfer, it is easier to just move the ball around in your stance to get the shot type you want. Trying to manipulate the face of a golf club is a recipe for disaster.

I tell my students to keep it simple by selecting their club and always keeping their set up the same. Then, using the proper ball position, you can get the ball to react the way you would like it to.  So, by using ball position to their advantage, amateur golfers will have a more consistent short game.