Wilson FG Tour Raw PMP Wedge

Wilson Staff FGTour PMP Raw Wedge



Unique Features:  

Wilson’s FG Tour Raw PMP wedges features unique Precision Milled Performance technology to give you maximum control, spin, and shot-making ability around the greens. Wider milled HM groves maximize spin on full shots, while 11 laser-etched Micro Spin Lines between those grooves boost spin on partial shots. The club face is milled to be perfectly flat, delivering the consistency you need on every shot. These wedges also have a raw finish that will develop a rustic look over time along with exposure and use. With two performance sole grinds and a high-launching shaft, you’re sure to find the wedges that fit your set.

Tester Comments:  

Some of the best looking wedges out there … Micro Spin Lines between the grooves helps maximize spin … The CG design helps make these a higher launching wedge without ballooning … Through the turf and on tight lies, it was what one would expect and the bounce is enough to give options on shots … Toe-weighting design that makes them easy to hit … Really nice wedge that just works and at a fair price.

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