A Farewell To Arms To Hit Longer Drives


Still seeking more DISTANCE with your DRIVER??  Maybe you plunked down big $$$ to buy the latest new driver, guaranteed to add 30 yards, right!?? Sadly, the purchase of that new driver didn’t help much because you’re STILL hitting the ball with just your ARMS!

Watch your favorite player on the PGA or LPGA Tours on TV and you’ll see that their motion involves dynamic action from their feet, legs, hips, core and shoulders. Yes, their arms are involved, but not as a SOURCE of power.

So, what should you focus on to find better “engines” of your golf swing? The first thing to understand is that the downswing starts from the GROUND! It’s time to recognize that your FEET have a job to do. Many articles are written highlighting the importance of rotation from the hips. BUT IT’S NOT ENOUGH!!! If all you do is rotate your hips, you will find that your weight ends up too much on your back foot (right for righties) and you’re off balance. Notice the Tour players have 100% of their weight on their front leg at the finish, and they are totally balanced! So, first and foremost, it’s time to recognize that you must use your feet pushing off the ground to initiate and engage your body’s power. What you need to produce is a sliding of your hips toward the target. For right handed golfers, this sensation involves feeling your left hip slide laterally to the left…moving 4-6 inches toward the target!!! Your feet initiate this. In addition, use your feet to push up, extending your spine and legs. This will propel you all the way to finish tall, standing up and balanced on that straightened target leg.

Here is a fun drill that produces all these movements without having to get bogged down thinking about them. Set up with your driver and a teed-up ball in line with your front heel, with half the ball above the top of the driver. MOVE your set up TO YOUR RIGHT (for righties) so that the ball position is altered and is now opposite the outside pinky toe of your target(left) foot. In other words, you are going to set up with the ball WAAAY forward, appearing outside your front foot. Now go hit.  To have any chance of making contact with a ball that seems too far forward, your brain instinctively realizes you must move massively left, driving you lower body towards the target. Don’t be afraid of this large movement. Once you feel it, go after it with gusto, allowing your arms to be thrown straight and long. The dynamic movement to your left will produce the power you’ve been searching for, allowing you to experience WEIGHT SHIFT, ROTATION, and EXTENSION!!

Who knows…you may want to choose this waaaaay forward ball position for all your drives, especially those holes with wide fairways.

“Armed” with this new “ground forced” move, you will start bombing your drives!