2019 Father’s Day Gift Guide Slideshow


1Mokom Premium Golf Gloves

Mokom Premium Golf Gloves provide the Optimal Balance of Natural Touch and Hi-Tech Grip. Our cutting-edge gloves were custom designed to meet four important parameters:
1. Increase Overall Handgrip
2. Retain Tactile Sensitivity
3. Maximize Air Ventilation
4. Maintain Manual Dexterity.
These PGA Show award winning gloves are manufactured from premium materials that include soft cabretta leather and a stretchable knit fabric that has undergone both internal softening and external textured polyurethane coating processes that even help to eliminate dry rotting. Our durable gloves each have 138 precision laser cut holes that offer such terrific sensitivity that many golfers elect to wear them from tee to green, and those with sweaty hands especially appreciate their breathability.

Mokom Premium Golf Gloves will lower your scores with improved club feel and lower grip pressure

* Note that our patented packaging also make for an ideal Father’s Day gift box.
Purchase online: www.mokomgloves.com


2SkyCaddie SX500

Father’s day special – Save over $100 from May 23rd to June 23rd

The rugged, water-resistant design of the SX500, along with its huge battery life, a large 5” HD touch screen and some of the best GPS functionality available makes it a pleasure to use. Pre-loaded with highly accurate maps of more than 35,000 courses and WI-FI connectivity to streamline updates without a computer. It is loaded with powerful, but easy-to-use new features including: SkyCaddie PinPoint® technology Dynamic HoleVue™ HoleVue® Plus providing easy “pinch and zoom” access to up to 40 geo-referenced integrated targets per hole; and Dynamic RangeVue® providing customized ranging rings to match up with a golfer’s personal club ranges.

Learn More & Save Now at www.skycaddie.com



With SkyTrak, get the accuracy, reliability and authentic simulation of a professional-grade launch monitor. An affordable, all-in-one practice, play and game improvement system, SkyTrak offers a variety of tools to help golfers of all skill levels.

With engaging practice options and entertaining challenges, the SkyTrak experience gives users the data they need to play their best golf. In addition, SkyTrak partners with the leading golf simulation providers, allowing users to play championship golf from the comfort of their own home!

Now through Father’s Day – Save $300 on SkyTrak and SkyTrak packages, plus FREE SHIPPING on select packages!

Learn More & Save Now at www.skytrakgolf.com


Named 2019 “Best” Driver, Metal Woods, & Technology

“High Heat 257+ is the only brand to take advantage of new USGA Rule for increased trampoline values over 257 in toe and heel areas for more distance. For more distance and greens buy High Heat 257+.”
– Publisher, Golfing Magazine

“Instead of playing with clubs with historically much lower trampoline effect outside the center of the face, amateurs should buy High Heat 257+ for 20+ yards more distance.”
– Editor, Golf Tips Magazine.

“With its dazzling novel trampoline technology permitted by the new USGA Rule for more ball speed in toe and heel areas the ball comes off so hot no matter where you hit it on the face.”
– Gary Van Sickle, Pres. of Golf Writers Ass’n of America

Select Golfing Magazine at checkout for a 20% Father’s Day savings. www.KnuthGolf.com
30 Day Full Price Guarantee


5Most Important Stretch In Golf

Incredible Golf Industry Testimonials assures golfers this amazing new golf performance product is probably the best golf game improvement device ever made.

Amazing Testimonials from, Golf Magazine, Fox Sports, Golf Digest and ESPN. You won’t believe the testimonials from Golf Channel’s Lauren Thompson, Matt Ginella, Charlie Rymer And Even Brandel Chamblee. The “Most Important Stretch In Golf” or MISIG will add 20-40 yards to your golf shots.

It’s actually being called Golf’s “Fountain of Youth” because it is giving back to golfers what time is taking away: Strength, Flexibility and Range Of Motion.

FeelTheStretch.com 100% risk free guarantee with free return shipping.
Use Coupon Code “FEEL” Save $16.00

6Copper Tech Glove 

Innovation Never Seen Before in a Golf Glove
6 Key Benefits
1. Copper infused technology improves health and performance.
2. Non-slip, woven silicon pattern improves slip resistance.
3. Supports improved circulation and oxygenation of working muscles and joints.
4. Helps prevent strain and fatique by keeping muscles and joints warm.
5. Wicks sweat away from, the body to prevent chafing, rashes, and odor.
6. Provides support for muscle stiffness, soreness and pain. Helps to reduce recovery time of muscles.
• Copper Tech helps me play golf longer without joint and muscle pain. You will not be disappointed.
• The grip alone is worth the price of the glove. The copper infused technology is a bonus.
• I know it seems crazy but this Copper Tech glove works. My joints and muscles feel refreshed.
• I have been an LPGA pro for over 40 years. I recommend Copper Tech gloves to all of my students, even the beginners.
Visit www.CopperTechGlove.com or call 772-692-8020


7Tour Edge EXS Driver

Looking for the best high-performance deal in golf for Dad? Look no further.
MyGolfSpy named the EXS the biggest value driver for 2019 in their annual Most Wanted driver test.

This is the driver used to set the new women’s world record for longest drive in a World Long Drive history with a monster drive of 413 yards.

It is also in play on the PGA Tours, something not many drivers that cost $299 can boast.
The Exotics EXS comes loaded with all the latest driver innovation without breaking the bank.

It features two Flight Tuning System moveable weights, an adjustable hosel that goes up or down 2 degrees, dual carbon fiber tech and Roll face and VFT face technology.

For more on the EXS Driver, visit www.TourEdge.com

8Vixa V12 Fairway

A true go-to club for long shots from the fairway, the Vixa V12 delivers explosive distance, superior height and uncanny accuracy for recreational golfers. The distance comes from a super-heated, ultra-thin “inox” steel clubface that produces exceptional ball speed. Vixa’s low-profile face, extra-low center of gravity, and 14.5 degree loft create high-launch impact conditions, even when the ball is sitting on tight turf. Golfers looking for a single club to handle long approach shots, difficult layups, and even tight drives will find it in the Vixa V12.

Order online at V12Holiday.com

9S7K Stand Alone Putter

True to its name, the new rule-conforming S7K Stand Alone Putter literally stands on the green, giving golfers a foolproof way to line up properly in order to easily sink putts. The S7K’s ultra-light shaft and grip, paired with a V-shaped sole and extra-low balance point, provide superb stability on flat and undulating surfaces. And the S7K’s Triple Line Path Guide aids the golfer’s aim for incredibly precise putting, no matter the distance. With the brand-new S7K Stand Alone Putter, all you have to do is set, check, and stroke to drain putt after putt.

Order online at S7KHoliday.com

10GX7 X-Metal Driver

Maximize your average distance and gain accuracy with the GX-7 X-metal Driver. Just swing it like a 7-iron and smoke it like a driver to get consistent driving distance. 17-Handicapper Dick Rowley said, “With the GX-7 my very first swing I was hitting it farther than I was hitting my driver. “ Boost your accuracy, hit more fairways, turn even your worst miss-hits into decent shots with the GX-7!

Order online at GX7Holiday.com



6 Swing Trainers in 1 Training Aid
Correct your swing flaws and see your scores drop.  Users have dropped up to 20 strokes in 2 days. GOLFSTR+ (pronounced “Golf-Stir Plus”) is designed to help you correct EVERY SWING IN YOUR GAME.   Videos on our website shows you the assembly and use for all 6 swing fixes.  Practice with a straight leading arm swing for more consistent hits.  Flat Wrist for straight Putting, clean Chips and correct Backswing.  Limited lag to avoid fat Chip s.  Lag Trainer for more distance.  One Size Fits All
Order Now: www.GolfSTR.com or call or  call 905-464-8718

12Vegas Golf “On The Course” Gambling Game

ALL-IN Edition now with 26 chips! You will have a blast with your golf buddies when you break out the new ALL-IN Vegas Golf Game. This exciting game begins with everyone agreeing on a dollar value for each chip. Golfers want the positives and avoid the negatives. New Grave Digger chip…takes you more than one shot to get out of the bunker. Your ball goes into the water…you get the water chip. Furthest fro the pin on a Par 3…gets you the Beer Chip, which puts you on the hook for a round when the Beer Cart comes by.

FREE Bonus Chips, FREE Deluxe Tee Bag, FREE Delivery Only $39.95

www.VegasGolfGame.com or 877-241-6134

13Clic Gear 3.5 Plus

ClicGear 3.5 Plus Golf Cart

The 3.5 Plus features a simple to use slide-to-close mechanism that folds the cart down to a size of 13-by-15-by-24 inches for easy storage and transportation. Aircraft grade, scratch-resistant, aluminum tubing and maintenance-free airless tires insure the cart will last. And it weighs just 18 pounds. There’s a storage net and full console with built-in scorecard, golf ball, pencil and tee holders. Accessories include a standard cup holder, umbrella mount, and additional tabs for adding more accessories.


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