2019 Hybrids


Hybrids Have Made the Game EASIER for All of Us

Can anyone hit a three-iron or four-iron crisply anymore? Well, professionals and accomplished golfers certainly can. But why would the rest of us even bother with such clubs? After all, we have golf’s wonder stick, the hybrid, to do our long distance fairway and tee box duties for us.

Heck, even the pros have at least one hybrid in their golf bags. Why? Because they have proven to be loaded with so much technology that there is no reason to struggle with irons that might produce equal distance and accuracy.

Hybrids, which are now offered as integral parts of a complete set of irons, by some companies, come in multiple lofts. They make the game easier for mid- to high-handicappers because they are designed to get the ball airborne with greater ease from a variety of lies, as well as provide the distance we need when faced with long approach shots or beefy par-threes. And their lower centers of gravity and longer face profiles (a forgiving feature) make getting the ball into the air much easier than long irons that must be struck cleanly on the center of their clubfaces in order to achieve maximum performance.

Today’s hybrids incorporate new metals and materials that have allow designers to create that larger sweet spot on the clubface, and also to enhance the moment of inertia, which keeps the ball on line with the target. Hybrids are equipped with lighter shafts that allow players to generate greater swing speeds and produce longer distance.

Let’s take a look at the hybrids that continue to change the game for the better at all levels.

Bridgestone Tour B JGR Hybrid
Callaway Rogue Hybrid
High Heat 257+ Hybrid
Ping G410 Hybrid
Tour Edge Exotics CBX 119 Hybrid
Tour Edge Exotics EXS Hybrid