Hot Fairway Metal Woods for 2019


Companies are making the fairway metal wood easier to hit proficiently than ever. Various design elements that have made drivers more efficient have been incporated into their little brothers.

A plethora of metals have been used in the design of the clubhead to allow the placement of more weight in an area of the clubhead that lowers the center of gravity lower for easy launch and more forgiveness. Face inserts create variable thickness to increase flex, ball speed, and distance. And shafts have lighter weights to enhance clubhead speed for extra ball carry.

Stainless steel allows clubmakers to create a variable clubface thickness that when coupled with milling patterns limits spin on miss-hits and keeps the ball headed on the intended direction. Another noteworthy addition are power slits in the bottom of the clubface that works in conjunction with a similar power slit in the crown of the clubhead to increase COR (co-efficient of restitution) and ball speed for players of all ability levels.

Forged steel inserts, when combined with face cup technology, helps players produce more speed and gives them additional forgiveness from all lies. Some companies have placed internal bars behind the clubface to stiffen the body for more clubface flex and a hotter ball flight. Hosels can be adjusted to fine-tune loft and face angle.

Some fairways feature adjustable sole weights that can further adjust performance: placing a heavier weight closer to the clubface to lower launch angle and spin rate. Placing the weights in the rear position increases launch angle and spin rate.

“Fins”, altered clubhead crowns, and ultra-lightweight hosels conspire to create a low and deep center of gravity for a higher launch angle and added forgiveness. Several fairways have been given a lower, sleeker appearance to build confidence in the golfer when addressing the ball.

Here is a look at today’s fairway woods.

2019 Cobra F9 Speedback Fairway
2019 Ping G410 Fairway
2019 Ping G410 LST Fairway
2019 Ping S410 SFT Fairway
2019 Tour Edge Exotics CBX 119 Fairway
2019 Tour Edge Exotics EXS Fairway