The Sleek New Drivers of 2019


    We’re not talking about a Porsche, Maserati or a Jacquar, dream cars that will make you look like a winner when you pull into the golf course parking lot. Nope, we’re discussing the sleek, state-of-art drivers that will turn heads when you stride onto the first tee.

    The drivers of 2019 feature all kinds of new technology. Remaining popular is the adjustability factor, using various weights and alignment tools to customize your big stick so that it performs best for your specific swing speed and ball flight preferences.

    Adjustable hosels allow the player to alter the ball trajectory to meet his or her swing pattern. Drivers are still being made with oversized clubheads and clubfaces, and much attention has been payed to the face with designers using various lightweight metals to allow a thinner clubface that jacks up the COR, i.e. co-efficient of restitution, which is the flex of the face allowed under the rules of golf to launch the golf ball off the face and headed hundreds of yards down the fairway.

    Weight has been repositioned to make the club more stable and keep the ball headed on a proper line to the target. And the shaft, the engine of these sleek new models, have become lighter to let the user generate more swing speed and greater distance.

    There is no doubt that today’s drivers are more functional for the average player than ever before. Oversized, thin-faced drivers with adjustable weighting have helped us to find more fairways and hit the ball farther than we ever have. And that has made the game more fun to play.

    So, let’s take a look at the best in class for 2019.

    2019 Bridgestone Tour B JGR Driver
    2019 Cobra F9 Speedback Driver
    2019 Ping G10 Plus Driver
    2019 Ping G410 SFT Driver
    2019 Tour Edge Exotics EXS Driver
    2019 Wilson D7 Driver
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