Tour Edge Exotics EXS Driver

2019 Tour Edge Exotics EXS Driver


Unique Features:

The Exotics EXS driver is loaded with technology to help you hit better shots off the tee. Interchangeable weights on the sole and an adjustable hosel allow you to dial in preferred launch, spin conditions, and shot shape to exactly match the way you play. RollFace Technology uses modified bulge and roll on the toe of the clubhead to create an expanded sweet spot and produce straighter shots hit off the toe, where the majority of driver miss-hits happen.

Tester Comments:

Excellent forgiveness … High performance club at a budget friendly price … Adjustable hosel and weights allow you to dial in launch conditions … As good as any driver on the market  … High ball speed and a mid-launch and mid-low spin equals great distance.

Low Handicap Golfer
Mid Handicap Golfer
High Handicap / Beginner
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