2019 Holiday Gift Guide Slideshow


1Tour Proven SkyCaddie SX500

Holiday Savings up to $160

Tour proven with 3 wins and many top ten finishes this year on the European Seniors Staysure Tour, the SX500 is proving to be the rangefinder that talks the language of golf and answers the questions you were about to ask.  Rugged, water-resistant, huge battery life, a large 5” HD touch screen and some of the best GPS functionality available makes it a pleasure to use. Pre-loaded with over 35,000 SkyGolf’s ground-verified, error-corrected maps for unmatched accuracy & WI-FI connectivity to streamline updates without a computer. It is loaded with powerful, but easy-to-use new features including: SkyCaddie PinPoint® technology, Dynamic HoleVue™, easy “pinch and zoom” access to up to 40 geo-referenced integrated targets per hole; and much much more.

Shop Now at https://web.skygolf.com/products/SkyCaddie-SX500

2New SkyCaddie SX400 Handheld GPS

SX400 is designed to give golfers the same great features found in their popular SX500 model in a more compact size. With a full high-definition 4-inch touch screen driven by an ultra-fast multi-core processor, the SkyCaddie SX400 joins the SX500 to deliver the most powerful way to measure yardage while providing the very “best view” in golf. The dynamic features of the SX400 are easy to use, boasting exceptional battery life it offers a ruggedized, highly water-resistant, sleek and compact design. Preloaded with over 35,000 of SkyGolf’s ground-verified, error-corrected maps for unmatched accuracy & WI-FI connectivity to streamline updates without a computer.

Saving of up to $110 at https://web.skygolf.com/products/SkyCaddie-SX400

3Harry Taylor Wedges

Welcome to Harry Taylor Golf. Premium golf products designed by one of the most experienced designers in golf! Harry Taylor has spent most of his life playing competitive golf from college to the PGA Tour and on to the Champions Tour. This has inspired all of his designs for metal woods, irons, wedges and putters that have become the number one clubs on the amateur and professional tours over his career. We are proud to introduce new wedge lines – the Harry Taylor 305 Blue Series, 405 Red Dimple Series, and 405 Green Dimple Series. These are our finest designed series of wedges and we are absolutely positive you will enjoy them for years to come. These hand-crafted wedges will perform beautifully for golfers of all abilities, from the amateur to the best of the best on the PGA Tour.

View Chrome and Satin Wedges Here

View Dimpled Wedges Here


4Volvik’s Marvel Four-Ball Gift Set

Hero up this holiday season with Volvik’s Marvel four-ball gift set. Choose from Marvel’s most popular heroes: Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man or The Hulk. The matte-finish, three-piece Vivid high-performance golf balls feature Volvik’s new oversized energy core. Each gift set includes four Vivid double Marvel-logoed golf balls and a magnetic hat-clip ball marker.
MSRP $24.99.

Order all the high-performing tour-grade golf balls at www.Volvik.com


High Heat 257+ Driver

Named “Best” 2019 Clubs and New Technology

Only Brand Taking Advantage of New USGA Rule
For More Distance, Greens and Lower Scores.

High Heat 257+ with its new 3-Trampoline Technology is “unique as its CT in the toe and heel is greater than the center of the face permitted by a new USGA Rule. This is ‘the great equalizer’ as it substantially reduces the distance amateurs lose on their toe and heel hits for complete forgiveness across the face . . . Heel, toe and center hits all travel consistent distance and straight.”
-Editor, Golfing Magazine.

“With its dazzling novel trampoline technology permitted by the new USGA CT Rule the ball comes off so hot no matter where you hit it on the face.”
-Gary Van Sickle, President of Golf Writers Association of America

“Knuth Golf’s 3 Trampoline Technology is the most significant new technology for amateurs in the past 25 years. It is another reason High Heat 257+ are the best clubs for amateurs.”
-Tony Leodora, NBC Sports TV, ESPN Radio

Visit www.HighHeatGolf.com and select Golfing Magazine when asked “how did you hear about us?” during checkout for a 25% savings. 30 Day Full Price Refund Guarantee

6The Tin Cup Marker

The Tin Cup Marker enables you to “Make Your Mark” with a personalized ball marker using the logo or design of your choice. There are over 140 existing designs available or you may request your own personal custom design.
The Tin Cup is an ideal gift for tournaments, corporate outings, birthdays, wedding parties, holidays and of course for personal use to simply play golf and have fun. Tin Cup will make it easier than ever for you to identify and personalize your golf ball for those shots that happen to miss the fairway!


(703) 876-6063

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7The Putting Arc

The Putting Arc is the perfect Christmas gift for you or your junior golfer.

The Putting Arc was used by the top three finishers in the recently completed 2019 LPGA Q School, for over 1500 wins on professional tours around the world, and for 5 of the 6 Olympic golf medals in 2016.

Based on the 2200 year old math formulas of Apollonius of Perga, the Putting Arc is not just some random circle on the ground! It is for real and it works.

Get your own Putting Arc, use it every day and become a great putter by spring! There is a size and model to fit any need or pocketbook.

Available at www.thePuttingArc.com or by calling 800-898-0701 M-F 9-5 ET

8Sure Putt Pro Golf Green Reader & Training Aid 

Sure Putt will train your eye to see the subtle contours that can make even a short putt difficult. The more you use it, the better your putting game will be.

The Sure Putt Pro green reader is made from high grade machined aluminum and anodized to seal in the color with the metal. It won’t fade or chip like paint. A precision state-of-the-art leveling vial is used to read the slope and give a precise reading. The Sure Putt Pro is heavy enough (4oz) to lie flat on the green and small enough (2″) to fit your new caddie comfortably in your pocket. Each Sure Putt is machine engraved and comes with its own carry bag, instruction card, and is enclosed in a silver embossed box you’ll be proud to give as a gift or keep for yourself.

Order online at www.SurePuttGolf.com

9MyMini Golf Miniature Golf Sets

Create memories with your own My Mini Golf game! My mini Golf is a durable, portable putting game that can be played indoors or outside. My mini Golf is perfect for putting fun and practice just about anywhere with boys and girls from ages 3 to 103! My Mini Golf is a great game enjoyed indoors or outdoors by the entire family, boys, girls, parents, and grandparents.

Order online at www.StartingTimeGolf.com


10Copper Tech Glove

Innovation Never Seen Before in a Golf Glove
6 Key Benefits
1. Copper infused technology improves health and performance.
2. Non-slip, woven silicon pattern improves slip resistance.
3. Supports improved circulation and oxygenation of working muscles and joints.
4. Helps prevent strain and fatique by keeping muscles and joints warm.
5. Wicks sweat away from, the body to prevent chafing, rashes, and odor.
6. Provides support for muscle stiffness, soreness and pain. Helps to reduce recovery time of muscles.
• Copper Tech helps me play golf longer without joint and muscle pain. You will not be disappointed.
• The grip alone is worth the price of the glove. The copper infused technology is a bonus.
• I know it seems crazy but this Copper Tech glove works. My joints and muscles feel refreshed.
• I have been an LPGA pro for over 40 years. I recommend Copper Tech gloves to all of my students, even the beginners.
Visit www.CopperTechGlove.com or call 772-692-8020

11S7K Stand Alone Putter

True to its name, the S7K Stand Alone Putter literally stands on the green, giving golfers a foolproof way to line up properly. The S7K’s ultra-light shaft and grip, paired with a V-shaped sole and extra-low balance point, provide superb stability on flat and undulating surfaces. In addition, the head’s extremely high moment of inertia (MOI) makes for outstanding forgiveness while the perfectly centered sweet spot and fly-cut mill pattern deliver a pure, line-hugging roll. The S7K’s Triple Line Path Guide further aids the golfer’s aim for incredibly precise putting, no matter the distance.

Order online at S7KHoliday.com



6 Swing Trainers in 1 Training Aid
Correct your swing flaws and see your scores drop.  Users have dropped up to 20 strokes in 2 days. GOLFSTR+ (pronounced “Golf-Stir Plus”) is designed to help you correct EVERY SWING IN YOUR GAME.   Videos on our website shows you the assembly and use for all 6 swing fixes.  Practice with a straight leading arm swing for more consistent hits.  Flat Wrist for straight Putting, clean Chips and correct Backswing.  Limited lag to avoid fat Chip s.  Lag Trainer for more distance.  One Size Fits All
Order Now: www.GOLFSTR.com or call or  call 905-464-8718

13Tour Edge EXS Driver

Looking for the best high-performance deal in golf ? Look no further.
MyGolfSpy named the EXS the biggest value driver for 2019 in their annual Most Wanted driver test.

This is the driver used to set the new women’s world record for longest drive in a World Long Drive history with a monster drive of 413 yards.

It is also in play on the PGA Tours, something not many drivers that cost $249 can boast.
The Exotics EXS comes loaded with all the latest driver innovation without breaking the bank.

It features two Flight Tuning System moveable weights, an adjustable hosel that goes up or down 2 degrees, dual carbon fiber tech and Roll face and VFT face technology.

For more on the EXS Driver, visit www.TourEdge.com


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