2021 Titleist Player 4 Plus Golf Bag




The all-new Players 4 Plus Stand Bag features a clean and versatile design, with added storage, a premium double strap and reliable aluminum legs to help you get more out of your rounds. The 4 Plus features and benefits include a premium double strap that allows the golfer to haul the bag for long distances in comfort, an expandable full-length apparel pocket for tucking away a wind shirt or extra jersey until it’s needed, a quick-access magnetic accessories pocket, two player-preferred external water bottle pockets, high-grade aluminum legs and advanced hinged bottom that create best-in-class stability, a waterproof valuables pocket, two Velcro glove pockets, and a lightweight, low profile top cuff with full-length dividers to keep your clubs from hitting together when passing over rough terrain and up and down hills.

WHAT WE LIKE: Added storage, stability, low profile top cuff.

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