‘Simulators, Simulators Everywhere’


Everywhere you look these days, it seems, there are golf simulators. Taking its cue from the PGA and LPGA Tours where the home use and field use golf simulators and launch monitors have improved play of the top players in the world, golf clubs and golf businesses of varying kinds are using golf simulators in ways maybe not even thought of even as recently as only five years ago.
Whether it is for physical therapy, golf instruction, or just plain entertainment, golf simulators are just about everywhere.
A primary way in which golf simulators have been most revolutionary is in golf fitness at gyms like Somers Point’s Golf Specific Fitness gym, or GSF, where owner and trainer Aaron Bada utilizes the top technology of two different golf simulators to develop personalized physical therapy and workout programs for Atlantic City area golfers.
“We mainly use our simulators as a way to understand the players swing tendencies,” said Bada.  “Technology such as TrackMan & GC Quad allow us to better understand swing directions, club paths, and many other factors that we use in conjunction with our fitness programs.”
“We offer the only side by side GSF Golf Performance Zone of TRACKMAN & Foresight Quad giving our members the benefit of accurate data using the top technology in today’s game.
We can link certain physical limitations to swing characteristics and use the data to allow the client to understand how to fix things.”
“All our members understand how all our simulator technology data can be changed to achieve any swing changes they may be working on.”
3G Golf in Point Pleasant Beach is using its golf simulator technology to teach golf lessons and entertain its northern Ocean County and southern Monmouth county patrons. Recently opened, this home-grown and family run simulator and golf equipment business is a main training center for the Monmouth University golf teams and Point Pleasant high schools with a professional staff on site to promote and grow the game with lessons and leagues.
“My boys thought of the idea during the middle of Covid when the local golf courses were temporarily shut down,” said 3G Golf owner John Yates. “They asked if we can get a simulator at the house and as much I wanted to say yes- it wasn’t the best idea at the time.
“A couple months later one of my sons mentioned what if we created a business in town where we had a few golf simulators that people could rent out by time.  My wife had also worked in many of the retail shops in town and had always wanted to open a men’s oriented retail store in town and we felt as if the men’s retail shop and golf simulators were the perfect match!”
“Since then we have been overwhelmed with the amount of support we have received from the local communities.  3G hasn’t just been a place for the avid golfer- we do lessons, leagues, weekly contests, Monmouth University offseason workouts, Point Beach High School practices- but also for the recreational and early stage golfers- date nights, birthday parties, bachelor parties, family reunions, etc.
“We hope, in the coming years, that 3G continues to grow and we continue to cater to what’s most important to us- what our patrons and loyal customers enjoy most- having fun and playing golf.”