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Srixon Introduces the 13th Generation of SOFT FEEL


Contributor’s Note: In the latest news from Srixon (Dunlop Sports Americas) the announcement of its 13th generation SOFT FEEL golf ball.

When it came to the 12th generation of this golf ball I took the time to purchase, test, and review it. While the full review can be seen here, I can break it down into a brief summary. At the root of what it truly is (a low-compression distance golf ball) it was a decent golf ball. Srixon touted good greenside spin however, I found that this came with a huge asterisk.

If the greens were soft and receptive then, sure, the spin was alright. If the greens were quick and firm I found that the spin lacked severely. On too many occasions a great execution of a greenside chip or pitch resulted in a disastrous result often releasing well past the hole.

The distance was good and the feel was fantastic for those that prefer a softer feeling golf ball at a consumer-conscious price point.

See below for information on the latest generation of the Srixon Soft Feel.

Srixon Announces New Generation of SOFT FEEL

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., Jan. 16, 2023 – SRIXON®, a global leader in golf ball technology and innovation, is set to launch the latest edition of SOFT FEEL golf balls Feb. 16 in North America.

 Srixon’s SOFT FEEL provides golfers comfortable feel at impact and confidence at address. Equipped with a premium FastLayer Core, Speed Dimple Pattern and a soft, thin cover for enhanced greenside spin, SOFT FEEL delivers impressive ball speeds while balancing distance and feel.

“The consistent love for the SOFT FEEL has been tremendous and with each generation, this being our 13th, we’ve tried to incorporate new ways of providing golfers a softer feel that’s unmatched in a low-compression option,” said Amelia DeLazzer, Product Manager at Srixon. “This is one of our softest FastLayer Cores to date. It’s a core that is soft in the center and firms up on the outside giving golfers equal parts distance and feel.”

Added core resiliency also plays a key factor in the SOFT FEEL. The FastLayer Core snaps back into shape more quickly after impact, delivering more ball speed, and reducing unintended long game sidespin.

For more information on the latest SOFT FEEL offering, please click here.



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