My Ball, My Way: TaylorMade Golf Launches MySymbol Program, Its Latest Innovation in Golf Ball Personalization


CARLSBAD, Calif. (April 12, 2023) – As customization, personalization and visual technology are becoming the fastest growing categories in golf, TaylorMade Golf has created industry leading innovations and possibilities for golfers to play in never-before-seen ways that enhance performance and personalization.

Today, TaylorMade takes golf ball personalization to a level no company in the industry has before with the all-new MySymbol golf ball program. MySymbol allows golfers to make TP5 and TP5x completely their own with logo and design options such as picking the colour of the TaylorMade logo, choosing a symbol or multi-digital alphanumeric positions below the TaylorMade logo.

Customization and personalization within golf is amongst the biggest trends in the industry right now and MySymbol puts TaylorMade in the forefront of that space. We have invested heavily in visual technologies and personalization because it is by far what golfers, including our TaylorMade athletes, are asking for. We are excited to bring endless options for customization and personalization to our consumers in this unique way with MySymbol.
Mike Fox, Senior Director of Product Creation, Golf Ball


With TP5 and TP5x golf balls, golfers can replace the standard number under the TaylorMade logo with one of over 100 stock logo symbols.  With the MySymbol program, golfers will no longer be looking for a TP5x No. 3 on the golf course, but now a TP5x taco or a TP5 Canadian flag

Symbol category options are: animals, countries, foods, holidays, nature, sports and states, amongst others. Golfers can also use the side of the golf ball to place the same or a different stock logo of their choosing.

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Not only can golfers replace a number with a symbol, but personal messaging possibilities are endless. Golfers can choose up to four alpha numeric characters to replace the logo or eight characters on three eligible lines of text on the side of the ball. The characters replacing the standard number can be letters, numbers or characters of a four-character variety.

To match the theme of their MySymbol, the colour of the TaylorMade logo and/or their custom number/text can be made one-of-a-kind by changing the standard black to five vibrant colours including navy, green, red, orange or pink. Colours can also be mixed and matched to create a ball that best represents them.

Team TaylorMade athletes are also planned to start taking advantage of this new program with Collin Morikawa and Charley Hull will be the first to put their MySymbol balls into play this month.

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A big part of golf is being in a great mental state and when I see the picture of my dog Koa, I immediately am calm and confident. Being able to put a custom logo on my ball in a way that I enjoy and isn’t distracting is something I never could have envisioned.
Collin Morikawa


MySymbol is available April 12 on TP5 and TP5x golf balls at for $54.99 a dozen. Purchases come with a minimum requirement of three dozen per purchase.

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