GPS / Laser Rangefinder and so much more….


From the #1 Technology Company in Golf – Voice Caddie SL3

Do not try this at home! It is so much more fun, and easier when you take it you take it to the course.  When I got the SL3 naturally I want to try to figure out how it worked at home first.  The manual shows you sooooooo much and gives you the sense of becoming overwhelmed.  Truth is at home you can take the SL3 out to your back yard and shoot marking for distance and even slope.  Take it to the course and WOW Factor sets in.

SL3 and Case

You see the icon on your LED Color touchscreen, if you touch it at home not much really happens.  Off I went to my home course, just down the road and WOW, turn the unit on, touch the golf option icon, all of a sudden, the Doppler Radar Technology kicks in and within seconds the SL3 knew where I was at and told me to proceed to the teeing area.  Of course, being good at listening and doing what I am told I did just that.  Suddenly, what seemed to be intimidating technology becomes simplified and visible.

Arriving at the first hole your Touch LED Screen” gives you your yardage to the hole.  Scroll right and a visual of the hole appears.  Touch a spot on the screen and it gives you distance to the spot you might be considering hitting to, and gives the remaining distance to the hole.  Scroll again and you have green layouts, scroll again and you have a flyover of the hole.  Think about this if you are playing a course for the first time!!!

Putt View

Once on the green and at your ball you can activate “Putt View” with distance and green undulation, all you need to do now is make that putt.

There are a number of options for settings ie. Changing from yards to meters, brightness, and Pin Assist to name a few and those are just a scroll down instead of to the right.

Then of course you still have the option to use the SL3 as a simple laser rangefinder with slope and actual distance, reaching targets up to 1,000 yards away.

There are over 40,000 courses available to you with the Voice Caddie SL3 and the is NO FEE.  Free to use as part of your purchase.

No wonder that Voice Caddie has been named the Official Rangefinder of the LPGA!

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Canadian golfers the Voice Caddie SL3 Laser / Rangefinder is available at Golf Town. or for more information visit Golf Trends Inc.