Don’t you HATE those skulled CHIP SHOTS that ZOOM over the green? Let’s put a STOP to that habit for good! The problem occurs because you keep flipping the clubhead past the ball through impact, causing the handle to line up with your trail (right) forearm. (Photo NO!)
As a Teacher and Coach, I have three ways to exchange information with you.
VERBALLY…I can TELL you what to do.
VISUALLY…I can SHOW you what to do by demonstrating or showing you a picture.
KINESTHETICALLY… I can present a physical activity where you are an active participant, allowing you to FEEL a physical movement. My experience in over 30 years of teaching is that IN A MOTOR SPORT, there better be a “FEEL” element to what I ask you to do.
So…Let’s set up your “FEELS” at address for chipping consistently and then LOCK IN the structure we need for good IMPACT alignments.

1. Weight forward, heavier on front left side.
2. Slightly open or square stance with feet close to each other
3. Ball position between center and all the way back inside your right foot.
4. Place hands low down on the grip so you can SET THE HANDLE of the club TOUCHING and LOCKED onto your left forearm by the veins on your wrist. (“Check” Photo)
Notice your arms, hands and club shaft form a lower case “y” in the video. Remember, you MUST KEEP that “y” INTACT, with your arms in front of you with NO CHANGE in the wrist angles. In other words, your new FEEL for consistent chipping is achieved by LOCKING AND RETAINING that connection of the CLUB HANDLE to your left, target side forearm.
6. TURN your sternum BACK and THROUGH to the target. (If you stop turning, you’ll likely flip the club head, so make sure your INTENTION is to TURN).
7. Use a variety of clubs from SW through 7 iron to vary roll out distance. SW = least roll, 7 iron = most roll.
Now your left forearm and the shaft stay in a straight line, maintaining the “y” structure through to the target! It’s totally legal to ANCHOR the top of the club to your arm as long as it is below your elbow !
LOCKING the handle will remind you to maintain the contact! Acknowledge the FEEL of this and COMMIT to maintaining the handle touching your forearm.
All that is left to make you a cool, consistent chipper is to Turn, Turn, Turn, just like the song said in the 60’s.