Loudmouth: You Wear It Cuz It’s Fun


It makes you feel good, makes you look good…….

……even if you suck at golf!  You too, can be FUN!!!

I am a self-confessed Loudmouth guy and have been for years.  There was a time I only wore Loudmouth on the course.  Then I took it to the boardroom you might say.  Not that I have ever spent much time in boardrooms, but to conventions, I have been to plenty.  Why look like everyone else, boring, and hating the thought of needing to wear a jacket.   A few years back at a convention in Oregon I thought I would go bold with a jacket called Raspberry Swirl.  I must have had at least a dozen people at the convention ask if they could wear for a photo, not to mention those that wanted to have their picture taken with “that guy.”

When you leave the room, make sure that everyone knows you were there.

The following year at a convention in Texas, I went cowboy, why not, Right! The hat, the boots, and so much more.  Went all in with the Happy Hour theme, long pants and vest, looking pretty slick.  When our entire staff was summoned to the stage in recognition for the work we did, there was only one person that was asked to say a few words.  Show stopper!!!

When it comes to being on the course, in all the years I have received nothing but compliments and everyone that comes up to say something always has a smile on their face.  Not only do you feel good, but you know you look good!  Feeling good might just put you in a better frame of mind and you might even play better.

New Loudmouth, New leadership!

Who would have thought, that things could go stale at a company that is all about fun.  It happens, the product is still and always will be fun.  The approach to business got stale and catered primarily to existing customers.

In steps Andrew Seibert, who has built a reputation over the years as the guy who can turn a company around.  He loves golf, having had stints as a pro, loves the Loudmouth product and most importantly knows the business and the industry.

I did not know Andrew from adam, we just happened to be checking into the same hotel for the PGA Show last January, in front of me, he was wearing Loudmouth, there were other Loudmouths in the lobby.  We start talking, we let several others check in ahead of us, a friendship was born.  Typical of what happens when you wear Loudmouth.

So, what’s in store for us Loudmouthers????

It is still the most fun you can have with your pants on!

Color will always be King!  No surprise there.  Weird and wacky some might think, but always welcoming.  They now have created a collection of fabrics to cover all the bases. Whether you are feeling relaxed and going with the flow, or performance driven ready to win.

The Loudmouth spirit doesn’t take anything too seriously, and works to find the fun in everything.
Ever get that feeling that your pants have shrunk?  The New Loudmouth features “The Buffet Waist,” ideal for those who need to have seconds.  They have developed a built-in expandable waistband that stretches your waist up to 1 size.

Loudmouth is made by a team that exudes its spirit, you to can embrace this freedom, creativity and spirit, become part of the Loudmouth family.  It’s catchy and always FUN!!!

Did you know that Loudmouth has been worn by, The U.S. men’s Olympic beach volleyball team, the Norwegian men’s Olympic curling team, plus celebs Alice Cooper, Bill Murray and Will Ferrell.

Stop looking like everyone else….. come over to the fun side.

Have a peak at the new website you will see what I mean and what’s new.