2023 Golfing Magazine Fall Issue New England Edition

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Autumn and Golf a Perfect Blend

It seems that only yesterday I was writing to you and saying how great it was that spring was upon us and we could get out and play all the golf we wanted for the next eight months.

Well, autumn is upon us. But that doesn’t mean we have to put the sticks away in the back of the closet. Indeed, autumn is a perfect time of the year for our game. The leaves have begun to turn color, the days still mild and the courses are in superb shape. This time of the year can offer up some of the sweetest days to play golf in our region of the country, especially in our region.

In this issue of Golfing Magazine we give you the lowdown on the courses on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where autumn and early winter treat us to some splendid late season golf. Indeed, unless Old Man Winter drops a foot of snow on the peninsula, the courses will remain open year round, if you don’t mind a little chill with your drives and seven-irons.

Cape Cod courses, and many more, are included in Golfing Magazine New England’s Course Play Stimulus Program. Now is the time to sign up for 2023 and play all the golf you could ever want. Call 860-563-1633, or visit www.FreeGolf.net.

In this issue, our Travel Issue, we take a trip across the Ocean and check out some great golf opportunities in Thailand. We also take a look at great stay and play destinations like the Brunswick Isles area of southeastern North Carolina, considered a part of the Grand Strand of the Myrtle Beach golf haven. And we give you a look at a destination you might not have thought about, the superb golf offerings of BOYNE Golf in northern Michigan. This destination should be on everyone’s bucket list, you will be pleasantly surprised at the quality of golf and the close proximity of their ten courses. Florida’s Sports Coast in Tampa, Florida is another wonderful place to area this winter, as is the Gulf Shores of Alabama.

If you are looking for a grand trip this fall, why not visit Mesquite located in the Mohave Desert for one very different stay and play. Mesquite is located close to Las Vegas and offers a wealth of golf courses and spectacular surroundings.

And Puerto Rico has quietly become a golfing destination. We check the island out and give you the lowdown on what makes it a great place to visit with your sticks.

We also offer up some courses you simply “Must Play” and present valuable instructional tips from our cadre of top-notch golf pros.

Dedicated golfers realize that just because the pages on the calendar are dwindling and there is a slight chill in the air that doesn’t mean we can’t play golf until snow covers the ground and they pull the flagsticks off the greens. So, get outside, take in the beauty of the fall foliage, and enjoy the final months of the 2023 golf season. Or, make plans to visit the exotic locales we tell you about.

So, enjoy our issue and play as much golf as you can this fall. It’s a super time of the year for our game.

All that is Good,

Tom Landers, Publisher

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