Heron Glen Spices the Golfer-Course Experience with Noteefy


The banes of existence in golf are aplenty.

Often atop the list for golfers’ frustrations is when the tee times they want are already taken. For golf courses, it’s difficulty re-booking tee times which are cancelled, especially last minute.

Houston, we have a problem.

Not so much, says Tim Ward, General Manager of Heron Glen Golf Course in Ringoes, New Jersey.

“We hear so often that golfers have to continuously check our website for open tee times, which is never fun,” he says. “That’s one reason why it was a no-brainer for our course to leverage the power of the Noteefy waitlist technology.”

Here’s the simplicity of Noteefy (pronounced “Notify”): Golfers input their playing preferences directly on Heron Glen’s website, then automatically receive text and e-mail alerts when the tee times become available due to cancellations.

In its most understandable form, Noteefy is the OpenTable and Resy notification product for golf.

In the first six months of Heron Glen on the Noteefy platform, the municipal course operated by KemperSports re-captured a healthy amount of what would’ve been lost revenue due to cancellations.

KemperSports is so pumped with Noteefy’s results that it’s rolled out at more than 50 properties across the company’s portfolio. Its leadership is keenly aware that many courses suffer from up to 20% of all tee times falling victim to cancellation, causing loss of $100,000 or more annually no thanks to unfilled slots.

“What’s cool is that signing up to be on our tee time waitlist has taken off among not just millennials and Baby Boomers, but golfers in their 70s and even 80s,” says Ward.

Now his staff lifts nary a finger trying to re-book tee times. No picking up the phone, no one-by-one e-mails, or texts. The power of Noteefy’s automation allows them to focus on guest experience tasks at hand.

Noteefy is making its way through New Jersey like wildfire. Company Founder and CEO Jake Gordon estimates more than 50% of the state’s public courses will put Noteefy in play, servicing more than two million golfers by the end of 2025.

Noteefy could be the greatest troubleshooter for golfers and golfers alike. New Jersey is much better for it.