2018 Push Carts


With all deference due to Mark Twain, golf doesn’t have to be a good walk spoiled. One might argue that no walk is spoiled, with the exercise it presents those of us who are too often caught up in sedentary occupations or just too darn busy with household chores to get in a regular workout.

Many of us either can’t or don’t want the burden of carrying a golf bag on our shoulders when we are playing. That’s why manufacturers have devised state-of-the-art push and/or pull carts on wheels that save wear and tear on our backs and arms, while providing almost all the comforts of a little rolling locker, from pouches to store valuables and extra clothing to scorecard and bottle and can holders.

Lets look at some of the benefits of using a push cart. Studies have shown that golfers scored better when walking compared to riding in a power cart. Walking while a push cart burns about 1000 calories while riding in a cart burns about 650 calories over 9 holes.

The golf swing is tough on the back and if you can use a push cart rather than carry your bag, you keep extra stress away from the back.

Let’s take a look at some of the best carts on the market.

Big Max Blade IP Push Cart
Big Max Blade Quattro Push Cart
Sun Mountain Speed Cart GT
ClicGear 8.0 Push Cart
ClicGear 3.5+ Push Cart
ClicGear Rovic
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