“FACE” Your Pitching


Are you still having issues with those 10-20-30 yard pitch shots?? Chances are you have excessive movement in your hands and wrists. There’s just too much hinging and unhinging of the clubhead, and you are a prisoner of timing. You need a new image to get the clue that will help you hit those high, soft lofted approach shots every time.

To illustrate, I’ve put a drink cup on my sand wedge’s clubface. The challenge is to keep the liquid in the cup after impact! You need to PAY ATTENTION to the face to keep the cup level…no liquid dumpING out as you finish!! Notice the club face is pointing up at the sky!  My left arm is in line with the shaft and I could reach down to pick up the full cup for a drink! If, instead, I allow the face to release and point ANYWHERE ELSE…the drink’s on me…all over me and my shoes!!! NOT GOOD!

Take this test: make a small practice swing with your sand wedge, holding the finish. Check where the FACE of your club is pointing. Has your club FACE been flipped over, looking at the ground after impact? Or perhaps you’ve “released” the club too much causing it to be looking to your left. Time to put your attention on controlling the CLUBFACE and maintain it looking up at the sky after impact. 

How?…by keeping your bottom hand and wrist (right for righties) stable and unchanged!  For your new soft pitches, keep your right palm moving toward the target, allowing your club face to continue to point to the sky. Practice this in the back yard without a ball, until this feeling of holding onto the angle in your wrists becomes natural. Let your arms feel more connected to your chest so that moving your club can be accomplished through the turning of your chest, rather than random arm and hand thrusts.

For added consistency, maintain this same feeling and attention to where the clubface exits on your full approach shots with your 8,9, and other wedges. Your shots will fly straighter and have more spin to stop when they land near the flagstick! The image of a drink cup on your club face might just quench your thirst for lower scores!