Pyramid AZ-1 Blade Putter

Pyramid AZ-1 Blade Putter


The AZ-1 Blade putter has a classic shape that is ideal for the golfer wanting the latest in technology and forgiveness in a traditional design that’s easy on the eyes. A plumbers neck gives the AZ-1 a great balance of offset and toe hang, appealing to a wide variety of putting strokes. A matte black finish provides a rich look, while eliminating sun glare on the green. The AZ-1 Blade is available in lengths that vary from 32 to 36 degrees to fit the hands of every golfer.

Tester Comments:  

Extremely traditional in its style with a matte black finish that helps to eliminate the glare … Pyramid design on the top make it easy to align to center of ball for consistent center hits … angled grooves seemed to eliminate skidding and got the ball rolling … Very easy to line up the putter and knock in those three to five footers.

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