Tour Edge David Glod Exotics Tour Series Silver V5.1 Putter

Tour Edge David Glod Exotics Tour Series Silver V5.1 Putter


The new Exotic DG Tour Series Putter has great feel and a true roll on every type of putt. The putter is completely milled from carbon steel, with a hand rolled leading edge, increasing forgiveness and true roll even through taller grass or the second cut. An X-Grip Face Pattern grabs the ball and releases it at impact for an instant forward roll without skid. The putters are available in a silver-bead finish or a black PVD finish, with a loft of three degrees, a lie angle of 71 degrees, and a head weight of 350 grams. The putters are available in lengths that range from 33 to 35 inches.

Tester Comments:  

Milled face pattern provides amazing feel and control… This blade has some weight behind it to allow some power … The ball rolls clean off the head and it feels smooth.

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