Remember the ride at Disney World “It’s a Small World After All?” What if there’s something in this annoying, repetitive lyric that could help you find a golf swing to depend on all summer?

Think small!  Don’t go grabbing your driver out of the bag when you go to the range this season. Small swings with a small club will serve you better. Remember last season when you were inconsistent in your full swing, and your score suffered tremendously because of your wayward approach shots inside 50 yards. Both issues can be solved with one drill. The key to improving is to achieve center contact at impact, when the clubface meets the ball.

Here’s a drill to establish key alignments necessary for your full swing, intentionally cut down in size and speed so you can educate your hands. You’ll develop a “go to” 20-50 yard shot!  You’ll need two driveway rods placed in the ground inside the target line opposite each heel. First, hold the club so that it is an extension of your front arm. In other words, from the club head to the top of your left shoulder (for righties) is a STRAIGHT line. Notice in the picture, with your weight forward and a middle ball position at set up, that this pre-sets great impact alignments, with the handle being ahead of the ball and the shaft leaning forward. You’ll also notice that your left arm is attached to your chest and it looks like your arms and club form a small letter “y”. These are the alignments seen on all great players at IMPACT. An address position with these elements will improve your consistency.

MAINTAIN THESE ANGLES for the whole motion, moving the club only to “Snoopy “ height, back and forward.  Make a backswing by moving ONLY the front shoulder, (left shoulder for righties) and make it go DOWN, not around, keeping your weight centered. On the downswing, feel your right shoulder go down, and deliver your right arm as straight as you can, for as long as you can, finishing with your weight totally on your front left foot.

Remember…small swings, tiny motion. Maintain the “y” throughout your backswing, impact and finish. Keep your hands and wrists LOCKED in the angles from your address position. No hand or wrist flip, no arm roll, no thrown clubhead! And, Repeat! Repeat! Repeat! It’s a small, small world.