Cure Your Slice by Lucas Hitchcock


The majority of golfers suffer from an illness we refer to as a slice.  The golf shot is like the gears in a watch.  If you turn one gear clockwise, it turns a second gear counter-clockwise.  A slice will occur when the club head makes contact on the outside half of the golf ball.  This will result in a ball flight that will move from left to right, for a right handed golfer.  Instead, concentrate on fixing this by making contact on the inside half of the ball, the side closer to you.  A good way to do this is with your everyday golf club head cover.  For a right handed player, fold up the head cover and wedge it underneath your right armpit.  Make a couple of practice swings but do not let the head cover drop until you finish your swing.  This will keep your right elbow in closer to your body forcing you to get a fuller turn on the backswing with your left side.  The ensuing swing path is inside-out allowing the club head to make proper contact with the golf ball.