We’ve all been asked to make changes in our lives because of Covid-19. I’m going to suggest that you make change part of your approach for better chipping. That little shot near the edge of the green has been costing you so many wasted shots and inflating your score.

You’ve always wanted to be able to bank on having your ball pop up in the air to clear that small area between you and the putting surface. But, I know that more times than not, you either hit a skulled shot over the green, or you hit the green ball, known as the earth, before you hit the real ball, and your shot fails to make it onto the putting surface. Time to get some change. You’ll need a few dimes and twice as many nickels. Don’t forget a few clubs and golf balls.

Set a ball to chip a few feet off the green with a dime behind it and  (change for a dime) 2 nickels in front, side by side.

When you set up to the ball, make sure the ball is positioned back of center in your stance, with your feet close to each other. And, don’t forget to put most of your weight on your front foot, keeping it there for the whole shot. No balance transfer needed!! Keep your weight on that target side foot.  Your assignment is to deliver the club downward into the ball WITHOUT touching the dime that is directly behind it, and then hitting the 2 nickels in front of the ball as you exit. Making the club go down is what makes the ball go up! Your club has been delivered going UP in the past. Time for this change. You make change, 2 nickels for 1 dime! Allow your eyes to follow the nickels as the fly onto the green, as this will ensure that you turn through the shot. Yes, your body will follow your eyes!

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Hitting the nickels IN FRONT of the ball maintains the downward delivery of your club. You see, most shots in golf require hitting the ball FIRST, and THEN the ground. You’ll often hear the expression…Golf is Ball, Turf. Hit the ball first and then the ground! It’s no fun playing turf first, then ball! With the coins in front of the ball, your eyes tell your hands to continue delivering the clubhead downward. You’ll likely hear the club edge hitting the metal coins making them pop up and move forward. Turn and watch then fly and you’ll see your ball fly into the air and roll to the flag!

Check this out and know you can  BANK on it!