2020 Holiday Gift Guide


1Harry Taylor HT-1000 Laser Rangefinder

Introducing the most powerful Laser Rangefinder under $200 on the market! The perfect gift for any golfer!

1,000 Yard Range To +/- 1 Yard

6X Magnification “Clearview” Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

Slope Technology with On/Off switch

“Flag-Lok” Visual and Vibrating Target Confirmation

Everything we do at Harry Taylor is designed to make the game easier and the HT-1000 is no exception. Any golfer armed with Harry’s Rangefinder will always know the exact distance to the target.

Purchase online: www.HarryTaylorGolf.com

2The Tin Cup Marker

The Tin Cup Marker enables you to “Make Your Mark” with a personalized ball marker using the logo or design of your choice. There are over 140 existing designs available or you may request your own personal custom design.
The Tin Cup is an ideal gift for tournaments, corporate outings, birthdays, wedding parties, holidays and of course for personal use to simply play golf and have fun. Tin Cup will make it easier than ever for you to identify and personalize your golf ball for those shots that happen to miss the fairway!


(703) 876-6063


Named “Best” 2020 Clubs and New Technology

Only Brand Taking Advantage of New USGA Rule For More Distance, and a Sole Technology That Corrects Swing Flaws So No More Fat or Thin Shots For More Greens and Lower Scores

High Heat 257+ with its new 3-Trampoline Technology is “unique as its CT in the toe and heel is greater than the center of the face permitted by a new USGA Rule. This is ‘the great equalizer’ as it substantially reduces the distance amateurs lose on their toe and heel hits for complete forgiveness across the face . . . Heel, toe and center hits all travel consistent distance and straight.”
-Editor, Golfing Magazine.

“With its dazzling novel trampoline technology permitted by the new USGA CT Rule the ball comes off so hot no matter where you hit it on the face, and its new sole technology is magical as it allows the club to glide through the turf without adversely affecting distance.”
-Gary Van Sickle, President of Golf Writers Association of America

“Knuth Golf’s 3 Trampoline Technology is the most significant new technology for amateurs in the past 25 years and  with its  new Sole Technology  it is impossible to hit a fat or thin shot and is another reason why High Heat 257+ are the best clubs for amateurs.”.”
-Tony Leodora, NBC Sports TV, ESPN Radio

Visit www.HighHeatGolf.com and select Golfing Magazine when asked “how did you hear about us?” during checkout for a 25% savings. 30 Day Full Price Refund Guarantee

4Vegas Golf The Game

New 26 Piece ALL IN Edition

You will have a blast with you Golf Buddies when you break out the ALL IN “On The Course” game. This exciting game begins with golfers agreeing on a value for each of the 26 authentic poker chips. Golfers want the positives & avoid the negatives.

New Grave Digger chip … takes you more than one shot to get out of a sand trap.

Furthest from the pin on a Par 3 … gets you the new Beer chip, which puts you on the hook for a round when the beer cart comes by. See instruction section for definitions of all the chips.


Only 39.95 Free Shipping

FREE Deluxe Tee Bag



5F2 Wave Wedges

Could This New “Face-Forward” Wedge Technology Really Help You Hit Your Wedges Higher, Softer And Closer to The Pin… Every time?

Over 57 beta-testers of this “shank-proof” wedge say “Yes!”.

Proven to make you more accurate with your wedge shots, and up to an average of 7.07ft closer to the hole!

The fastest way to lower your scores, regardless of your handicap, is to improve your short game from 100 yards in.

This wedge gets you there… guaranteed!

Click Here to See how you can lower your scores and improve your game immediately…

6Pyramid Putter

Can a Breakthrough Putter Design Really Save You 7-9 Shots Per Round And Immediately Lower Your Score?

That’s the exact question the club designers at PyramidGolf asked…

Then they took it a step further…
“Can we make a putter that will make those off-center putts go straight?”

To answer this question, the designers looked at driver design. The “gear effect” from drivers shows that heel and toe strikes will curve toward the middle of a shotline.

Click here to See their breakthrough design…

New SkyCaddie SX400 Handheld GPS – Saving of up to $110

With a full high-definition 4-inch touch screen driven by an ultra-fast multi-core processor, the SkyCaddie SX400 delivers the most powerful way to measure yardage while providing the very “best view” in golf. The dynamic features of the SX400 are easy to use, boasting exceptional battery life it offers a ruggedized, highly water-resistant, sleek and compact design. Preloaded with over 35,000 of SkyGolf’s ground-verified, error-corrected maps for unmatched accuracy & WI-FI connectivity to streamline updates without a computer.

Savings of up to $110

Purchase online: www.SkyGolf.com

7Warrior Custom Golf Cart Bag


Receive the new Warrior cart bag valued at $300.00 as Our Holiday Gift To You… on the house!

BONUS GIFT INCLUDED: New High-Optic Golf Balls in Blazing Red and TDS titanium extreme distance Vivid Yellow for you to enjoy.


8Square Strike Wedge

Set up easy putts on every hole.
It’s never been easier to get on and close from anywhere around the green. Stop hitting chip shots fat, and leave yourself makeable putts from any lie. You can save five or more strokes the very first time you put this ultra-accurate, incredibly-reliable wedge into play. On sale now. 60-day money-back guarantee. Try one today; we promise you won’t regret it.

Purchase online: www.squarestrikewedge.com

9Copper Tech Glove

Innovation Never Seen Before in a Golf Glove

If you’re a golfer, somewhere along the line those hands are going to start hurting. Fatigue, arthritis, basic muscle ache, whatever – thousands of holes over a lifetime will take their toll. The pain relief properties of Copper Tech’s copper-infused technology, combined with compression fit, help soothe joint, muscle, and arthritic pain enabling golfers to play comfortable all year long. Each glove is made with form flex technology designed with a compression fit so they are one size fits most, and the patented non-slip spider tacky technology allows golfers to grip the club with less tension while improving slip resistance and blood flow in the hands!

· Available in both left and right hand
· Premium Spider-Tacky Grip
· Compression Fit
· Copper-infused technology improves health and performance
· Non-slip, woven silicon pattern improves slip resistance
· Supports improved circulation and oxygenation of working muscles and joints
· Helps prevent strain and fatigue by keeping muscles and joints warm
· Wicks sweat away from the body to prevent chafing, rashes, and odor
· Provides support for muscle stiffness, soreness and pain. Helps to reduce recovery time of muscles
· Brand: Copper Tech
· Hand: Available in both left and right hand
· Material: Silicon, Lycra, and Spandex
· Size: One Size Fits Most

Visit www.CopperTechGlove.com or call 772-692-8020
Use Code Gift10 for 10 percent off


6 Swing Trainers in 1 Training Aid

Correct your swing flaws and see your scores drop.  Users report immediately dropping stokes. GOLFSTR+ (pronounced “Golf-Stir Plus”) is designed to help you correct EVERY SWING IN YOUR GAME.   Videos on our website show you the assembly and use for all 6 swing fixes.  Practice with a straight leading arm swing for more consistent hits.  Flat Wrist for straight Putting, clean Chips and correct Backswing.  Limited lag to avoid fat Chips.  Lag Trainer for more distance.  One Size Fits All

Order Now: www.GOLFSTR.com or call 905-464-8718



Bryson DeChambeau has captured all eight of his professional victories, including the 2020 U.S. Open, using a SIK Putter. He learned about SIK’s Descending Loft Technology shortly after turning pro and has earned over $21 Million Dollars since he put one into play. The reason PGA Tour Players have and continue to migrate to SIK putters is because of its patented Descending Loft Face Technology™ also known as (DLT).

There are four planar surfaces that are precision milled on the face of the putter. Each plane descends in loft (4°,3°, 2°, 1°) from the top of the face to the bottom. This creates a more consistent launch angle regardless of whether you add loft or deloft the putter at impact which leads to better distance control and less side spin. Custom putters from SIK Golf not only ensure individualization, they truly “Change the Way You Roll”. It is a literal game-changer for players and duffers alike. Custom putter fitting is now available at Club Champion locations nationwide.

For information or to schedule a fitting visit www.sikgolf.com


From 2011 to 2016, golf balls with RZN Technology helped elite golf athletes claim more than 50 wins on professional golf tours around the world (PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, PGA European Tour, Ladies European Tour etc.), including 4 majors! That same RZN Technology is now available in the MS-TOUR golf ball. The MS-TOUR is a 3-Piece golf ball with a soft urethane cover. It provides long distance on all long irons, woods and driver, good control all around the green and reduced air drag due to its Micro Dimple Surface! It’s our easiest playing TOUR PERFORMANCE golf ball for all swing speeds!


Purchase online at www.rzngolf.com

13JMX UltraLite Grips by JumboMax

The JMX UltraLite Grips, used by 7-time PGA TOUR Winner and 2020 U.S. Open Champion, Bryson DeChambeau, are a breakthrough in grip technology offering all the same stability and control of JumboMax’s patented oversized grips at LESS than half the weight. JumboMax Grips simply fit your hands better for increased distance, better accuracy and more solid ball striking. Their patented design and larger diameter provides a superior “Finger-Palm™ grip” that is revolutionizing the game of golf. Now available in 5 sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.

Order online at www.JumboMax.com


Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

The #1 range mat used by driving ranges and practice facilities across the nation is now available for home use. The revolutionary Monster Mat® features a polypropylene Z-Pro fiber turf and a patented double backing system for durability. It’s more affordable and lasts longer than any other mat on the market. The Premier Shock System virtually eliminates hand and elbow shock. Monster Mat is the finest, most realistic hitting surface you can use when practicing your golf game. Available in two sizes: 3 ft. x 5 ft. and 5 ft. x 5 ft.


To order call (888) 661-8873 or visit www.MonsterMat.golf


Celebrate the holidays and show off your sense of style with one of these Limited Edition Ratchet-Style Ribbon Belts from Nexbelt, “The Belt With No Holes.” The Ol’ Saint Nick, Christmas Lights, and Snowfall Blue “holiday themed” ribbon belts are now available for the holidays!

Best of all, the cut-to-fit strap fits up to 50″ waists, so you don’t need to worry about ordering the belt in a particular waist size if it is a gift. The ratcheting system allows the wearer to adjust the belt in ¼ inch increments, providing the best fit, feel and fashion available.

Available at select Nexbelt retailers nationwide and online at www.Nexbelt.com


16GustBuster Pro Series Gold™ Golf Umbrella


As the number one umbrella for all professional golf tours, this award-winning product makes your time on the green even more pleasant. It fits perfectly in any golf bag, making for easy access when the elements becomes too much to handle. Features a Pinchless Manual Open & Close Release System, Lightweight, Black Fiberglass Frame, Hand-Contoured Rubber Comfort Grip Handle and is Lightning Resisting.