One Handed Drill


Golf can be very difficult.  When it gets hard many golfers will make it worse by trying harder, working more and it just gets worse.   We have all been in that situation.  When your golf swing starts to feel like a lot of work it is the exertion you are adding to the swing that is causing the inconsistencies, the bad shots and the exhaustion.  I quote Ernest Jones “good golf is easy, bad golf is hard.”  What Jones meant by that is the great shots we hit feel easy.  I hear golfers say that it was effortless.  You know the feeling!  But boy oh boy do we work hard to hit those bad shots.

If you are looking for more great golf, more lower scores and more consistency use to One Handed Drill to feel a golf club truly swinging.  It is not an easy drill but you will be a better golfer by becoming good at the drill.  Allow the club and ball to become incidental and you will be shocked how solidly you can hit the ball with only one hand.

Remember this, we all talk about our golf SWING.  Something that truly swings does not cause itself to swing.  Think of a lifeguard swing a whistle with their fingers, or a pendulum in a grandfather clock.  It is something external creating the movement.  The other thing we can observe from watching something swing is the consistency.  The whistle passes through the same space on each revolution.  The pendulum never hits the back of the box.

Start with the club in your trailing hand and clubhead forward
Initiate swinging the club back with your body
From the top, initiate the downswing by turning your body